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  1. There certainly doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason for that bit of road. It doesn't link anything together that isn't connected now. I just can't see the justification for building a bridge over a lake at such great expense. Where it joins CF west will it slow traffic down even more than that intersection does already? Maybe there's a bigger plan I don't see.
  2. We had felt small shocks from the water heaters in our place when we first bought, even though we were assured everything was grounded, We replaced all the heaters for better quality ones, made sure they were properly grounded and installed a fairly expensive German made circuit breaker. I've come too far in this world to die by way of a crappy water heater installed by laymen. While not wanting Thailand to become a nanny state like the one I left, there should be reasonable electricity safety laws in place, particularly in rental accommodation.
  3. I'm fairly sure I saw this particular elephant yesterday walking past my house. It has some fairly distinct white pigmentation on it's hindquarters. We were very surprised to see it going past us and the dogs shat themselves having never smelt nor heard an elephant before. I was surprised it still had the tourist seating basket on it's back considering they were moving it to a new location. There were two guys with it, one riding on it's neck.There is an elephant camp not far up Big Buddha hill and this would be a route to move an elephant away in a hurry.
  4. I haven't been to NY, but would have trouble believing there are only 2 staff in the Consulate-General there. (The embassy is in Washington). I would think it would be a major centre for Austrade. I note the office is situated in the large Wells Fargo building, perhaps it was cheaper to lease a whole floor with thoughts on future expansion than a smaller space. If there are now only a handful of staff, it seems like governments are making spending cuts, but it's not always easy to get out of lease agreements nor find cheaper office accommodation in the Big Apple. And don't forget, a posting to NY, with an inflated title, is a major perk for a failed politician from the ruling party. He would need a big corner office and staff.
  5. Been retired for 15 years this month! How time flies. I was a public servant and did have occasion to visit embassies in the job, but never wanted a posting. I too have strong thoughts about a-hole Australian governments, and have some first hand knowledge of wasteful practises, but, when someone sounds off, I think it's important to have knowledge and not just to generalise. Too much of that happens all over this forum. Australian government/politics, in a much more subtle way, is just as corrupt as Thailand, and heading towards the US system of complete sell-out..
  6. How much? I'm interested in hearing what you know about this. I'm ready to roar, up, down, whatever. I hope you actually have some information and not just exaggerating for some personal agenda.
  7. Not saying there isn't a possibility of smog here, but it could just be haze (water vapour) from the ocean helped by the tropical high humidity and the westerly winds. When fishing, up to 20 miles out off Australia, you could tell when the sea breeze was coming and it was time to head in. Even on cloudless days you would see a dirty haze on the horizon.
  8. I watched the game on that link I published earlier with few problems. I picked 26 points so not far off the pace at this stage.
  9. The procedure was accelerated. The accident was on Feb 5, finalised in about 6weeks. Fairly quick for a serious case. His initial court date was to be several months away.
  10. I had to pick up some cargo one time. I made a point of finding out where to go before leaving home and had none of the hassles described above. I certainly wouldn't have allowed myself to be misdirected into the passenger terminal. I was held up for some time while customs opened the boxes and tried to work out how to extract money from me, but no problems other than that. Never been stopped at the checkpoint. Always unfortunate when someone gets squished in front of you, but it's part of life, and death, in this mad country.
  11. Having our own version of Trump on this thread nearly caused me to give it a miss this year. I only signed up to the tipping this morning because I decided one lying, hypocritical ass shouldn't wreck the enjoyment of the thing. As I'm here, I'm not going to back off from any personal attacks. Some people need to learn to differentiate between banter and insults.
  12. Thanks for the book. Are you suggesting I'm a little slow by that line? When I used to read books as such, I would usually devour them in a day helped by my IQ . In the spirit of giving, I've got something for you : Loosely translated it is variously "On the Tricks of Demons" or "False Monarchy of Demons" See how you go with your reading.
  13. Incidentally, cheating can also happen at the lower end of the ladder to gain an advantage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melbourne_Football_Club_tanking_scandal
  14. Probably, someone gave it to me elsewhere on the forum. I'll give it a try when the game starts. Would be better than A1 which I get through a local cable company. Crap picture, sound's out of sync.