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  1. When I took my driving test 52 years ago, the examiner asked me the question, "What is the principle cause of skidding?" " Ice?" says I. "No" "Wet road?" "No" says the examiner. "Hmmm......Oily road surface?" "No" I was running out of options. "Loose gravel on the carriageway?" I said hopefully. The examiner shook his head ruefully, saying " These are all factors, but they are not the cause, think again" I then had to dredge the deep recesses of my mind and try to recall what The Highway Code had to say on the subject. After a long pause, I suddenly understood what the examiner was getting at and stammered "Drivers not adjusting to road conditions?" A smile erupted on the examiner's face as he handed me my pink slip with "Pass" written on it. "Congratulations, I knew you'd get there in the end !" I have never forgotten this in all my years of driving!
  2. Well done students for taking the initiative! Maybe the police, insurance companies and government should be assisting you by producing television public service advertisements, and visits to schools. Schools should also enforce " No helmet, no riding on school property" rules for students and staff alike! Apparently on UK television at the moment their is a clever advert which depicts the fact that using a mobile phone whilst driving is twice as dangerous as "drink driving" Good luck Samui, I hope you can save a few people's lives.
  3. Will they be using Windows XP or have they upgraded to Vista yet?
  4. At least it didn't hit the ground, so the emergency brakes must have worked! According to the report the lift stopped on the first floor I.e. Floor 1, not Ground floor i.e. G or basement floor, i.e. B
  5. This reminds me of a similar situation in England in the year 1170 when the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, and his priests felt that they were above the law of the land, and were only answerable to church law! It did not end well for the head of the church! The reigning monarch, Henry II was at his wits end as to what to do to end the standoff. He is famously quoted as saying "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?" Whereupon 4 knights took it upon themselves to dispatch Thomas by the sword in Canterbury Cathedral.
  6. Are there no Thai Moslems? What nationality are the Moslem protesters? My wife is Thai but she is also Christian!
  7. What is "special" about the adhesive tape I wonder? Does it explode if tampered with? If it is that "special" why isn't the DSI guy wearing gloves?
  8. Fantastic, congratulations to a wonderful hardworking monarch.
  9. Work on high speed rail-link to Nong Kai has already been underway for several months in Khon Kaen! Maybe this is a different project.
  10. Having completed and submitted my on-line application on 30th November ready for 14th December when 90 day due, I was somewhat surprised that it was still "PENDING" on 14th as I had never had a problem before! Went to Khon Kaen Immigration with paper TM47 etc. on 14th and found that 90 day reporting has got a separate room, operated by clerks. Just handed passport and paperwork through small hatch, completed in less than 2 minutes, with a fluorescent orange paper for next appointment. Asked why on-line not responding, the female clerk said that the system does not work! A friend of mine was told that on-line reporting is being phased out in Khon Kaen now that they have a new office dealing exclusively with 90 days.
  11. What is it with these Prime Ministers in this part of the world? Seems none of them can take criticism! Perhaps it is because they are so embroiled in corruption! If they can't take the heat, they should not be in public office. Criticism is healthy.
  12. Why is the celebration being held in Bangkok? How much rice is grown in the Bangkok area? No doubt, the party will be full of officials from the various organisations. I don't expect any of the real farmers will make it to the party, as due to the low price of rice they will not be able to fund the trip!
  13. And we are expected to believe this nonsense! That means that in the 340 days since Jan 1st 88,235 tourists per day arrived in Thailand, or the equivalent of 252 planes holding 350 non Thai passengers each.
  14. Do they have to exercise in their suits, and are their facilities for showering after they have worked up a sweat? If not, I will not be visiting any government office after 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays!
  15. Just tried this morning. After clicking the usual "Apply for Notification of Staying in the Kingdom ( Over 90 days) I get "Navigation to webpage canceled" message! Perhaps they are preparing for the release of the 10 year or 2×5 year visa tomorrow Dec 1 :-) Very frustrating!