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  1. Power-crazed control freaks. These were 10 year-olds, for whom leggings is entirely appropriate dress. The miserable old dragons on the gate need to retire.
  2. Rumour has it that he's contemplating a career in gay porn.
  3. This wickedness must not go unpunished.
  4. Not sure that I would buy anything seized from an associate of a drug baron if it meant my name and business were made public like this.
  5. No added sugar peanut butter is in my case as well, together with coffee, tea, Vegemite, kg blocks of cheese, a few loaves of dark rye, yoghurt mix sachets and some other items. Door to door it's 11 hours.
  6. Of course you are correct: many things in Bangkok are cheaper but on the other hand many things, and not necessarily luxuries, are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Things will be cheaper if you eat only Thai , but want something else and the prices skyrocket. EG, Salmon ( 500 per kilo in U.K. and Australia, 900 in Bangkok), Hummus (80 v270), cheese ( at least double, often triple), bread ( double for the CRAP that is available in BKK), yoghurt ( triple ), olives ( double+). Shoes ...even basic ones like Crocs ( canvas rather than rubber, made in Vietnam), 2,000 v 4,000 at Central, Italian ones are also double. Clothes ....about the same since the "value" places opened ( Zara, H&M, Unilqlo) but the more tradional retailers are significantly more than High Street counterparts, and would be blown out of the water in the event that Primark opened in BKK ( same for Aldi, Lidl in supermarket space). I'm not suggesting that the items above are part of a budget diet, rather that the profit margin on them is excessive and not explained by tax and excise. While it's possible to live cheaply on basic local food it's impossible to do so while following an international diet.
  7. Well, of course there are parts of London in which I would not feel entirely secure (same for NYC, Sydney and other places). But these lunatics, lone wolf, organised group, whatever,...want us to feel insecure, unsafe, vulnerable right in the heart of the city, at one of the world's iconic symbols of democracy. As has been discussed on previous threads about prior attacks, there is little to stop these attacks...if it's not a grand boulevard it could be a bridge, or a park or a mall or a beach or a railway station.We can't be protected everywhere; nor can we sit at home and worry about it. In respect of this attack, as anyone who knows London's bridges will confirm, you are completely exposed to traffic and there is nowhere to go. Westminster, Waterloo, Blackfriars, all the others...the same. As the head of the Police said, 12 plots foiled recently. But as during the IRA campaign, it's not going to change the behaviour of Londoners and nor will it deter tourists. Tragic but life goes on.
  8. But Powell was not talking about a ban, rather his point was that uncapped immigration from the Commonwealth ( and it was uncapped in the 60s) was unsustainable and would result in fundamental changes in societ, not always for the better. Was he wrong about that? It's a moot point because capping was introduced quite soon after the "rivers of blood", IIRC. In any case, migration from India and the Carribean has been pretty benign or positive for the UK, from Pakistan and Nigeria not always so.
  9. The driver of the other car made a tragic hash of the U-Turn, but no doubt he didn't anticipate this lunatic barreling down the freeway at take-off speed. Those who live to drive another day invariably factor in to any driving decision the very strong likelihood that just such a lunatic can appear anywhere, any time.
  10. Rather than all the fuss and performance, they could have looked it up on the internet as there's certain to be chat discussions about the problem.
  11. Well, yes...the loony fringe is just that: a tiny minority.
  12. Now the creepy, vile Trump Jnr seeks to make political capital by misquoting Khan in a tweet. So repulsively inappropriate but hardly a surprise coming from him.
  13. Well, that's scary to hear. It is probably wise to be low key for now.
  14. I come and go all the time. No one shows the remotest interest in my vape stuff in security or customs. I don't try to hide it.
  15. I suspect because they believe they can't control it.... because with simple ingredients ( vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine liquid, flavour) you can make it yourself for under 100 Baht per week. So maybe they think a blanket ban is best ( it's not, the vaping genie is out of the bottle and won't be going back).