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  1. I've driven and stayed there many times. There is The Centara Grand Talay beach resort probably about 1/2 way down. And there are a number of other resorts popping up all the time. Their widening the road now from two lanes to 4 lanes but it doesn't seem to slow you down and the traffic is sparse. There are plenty of beaches and all are deserted (at least mid- week ) ..\ Enjoy and Have Fun
  2. Are you looking at the same video I am? the guy making the right hand turn OBVIOUSLY misjudged the speed of the on coming car! He was in the wrong ....sorry about his death....but he was in the wrong!
  3. Well .....I could write you a check in US dollars , you just have to give me the equivalent in Thai Baht at an exchange rate of 33 Baht to dollar.
  4. Of course the partial collapse couldn't be blamed on skimping of materials, use of defective materials, and or insufficient foundation.....Thai's are known to be skin flints when it comes to building!
  5. Well I will not make this about me as you have and I believe Jingthing can speak for himself ....but its about some unpassed bill and since its upassed it's consequences are known.....NO EFFECT! NIL!
  6. Jingthing.......What you are asking us to do is speculate as the unknown law (not passed) and what unknown effect it may have on us Expat's. Think it's best to just let this thread "fizzle" as you put it. POST CLOSED
  7. I fail to see the think its poorly conceived .....Yet ....You saved $7500/yr and you expect to save MORE! What's the problem?
  8. I Still fail to see the relevance in my situation..... you apparently want to speak ad nauseam ...OK .....but for people in my situation its unnecessary ....leave it at that.
  9. Sooooo........What is it you want to discuss? Affordable care Act? no impact. New law ? impact. No matter how much you write on the "good or bad" of the new law .....everyone's situation is DIFFERENT!
  10. Tesco, Big C, Office Depot, etc... Plenty of places!
  11. I live in Rayong and my travel time is 1:45 to 2 hours to Pravet (just outside of the Airport). Sorry to here of your travel problems but that's what you get when you take the public bus.
  12. Your kidding .....right?.... most of the stuff you have priced is the cost of the item nearly new! Especially the Air Conditioners....Can get on Lazada brand new for the prices you quote! And additionally they have to be un-installed! Good Luck trying to sell!
  13. wine is naturally made from grapes. So I would assume that grape juice (ie fruit juice) is used. It wouldn't be wine without the grape!
  14. What are the documents that you wish to be privy to? The Will (should be a public document as is filed with the court)? Who are the "people" denying you access?
  15. Don't know where in Chiang Mai......BUT can do as the Thai's do ....Draw up a board on a piece of cardboard and use bottle caps for the pieces (upside for one and downside for the other)