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  1. What terrific idea. Ordinary Thais will be so delighted to have these submarines that they won't mind having the old age allowance eliminated to help pay for them.
  2. Everyone knows sons of policemen, even lowly police privates, are allowed to murder people with impunity. The case will take a predictable course. The murderer will be bailed by his father using his position. The trial will be delayed for a long time, until the public has forgotten about the case. Witnesses will retract their statements, if they don't want to end in the same situation as the victim. The killer will be acquitted for lack of evidence.
  3. It seems that she was told there were no female masseuses available. It is a pity she didn't just leave and walk down the street a few yards to find another similar establishment where she could have got a female masseuse but young backpackers are often naive and have a false sense of security. It sounds like this was a genuine and brutal rape. Most of the male masseurs in that area are there for gay tourists. They may actually be hetero themselves but they know very well that young farang backpacker chicks are not looking for sex with a sleazy male masseur. They have much better choices and this one was with her boyfriend. Nevertheless, I am not surprised at the disgusting attitude of Thai police. Although there are honourable exceptions, the force as a whole is simply depraved and corrupt.
  4. Customs all over the world can open up parcels without further authorisation.
  5. I was asked by Fedex to pay about B500 duty and VAT on an unsolicited auction catalogue. The auction house had stupidly declared it as a prospectus with a value of US$156. Trying to explain that a prospectus was the same thing as a book or documents cut no ice with Fedex. Then the delivery man had a hard time understanding that I was giving it back to him and refusing to pay tax on a zero rated item. A very exhausting 10 minutes. I never found out how they had managed to find a tax rate for a prospectus without knowing what it was. It all seems to be very arbitrary what rate they decide to tax things at.
  6. Parcel no. 1 was charged the correct rate of import duty and VAT, while parcel no. 2, luckily for you, slipped through unnoticed.
  7. The mother-in-law's dog was hit by a hit and run driver in a pick-up truck and crippled, so the poor thing had to drag its hind legs around. When I suggested euthanasia would be the kindest approach and perfectly normal where I come from, I was almost put into Coventry for suggesting such a horrible sacreligious thing. The dog spent another 6 months chained up to prevent it from getting out into the road and run over again by another drunk. Then it just faded away and mercifully died aged only about 18 months. I could hardly bring myself to go to her house and see the poor animal chained up and shuffling about. It was not the first dog of hers hit by a villager in a pick-up truck. After 6pm most of the men seem to be absolutely plastered. The first dog was mercifully killed outright by the truck.
  8. Only 140k inclusive of funeral expenses and the owner gets to keep the killer dog. How cheap life is in the LOS! They must be reading the same text books as North Korea just like Prayut's first education minister said. Many Thai Rottweiller and Pit Bull owners with money will be encouraged to hunt peasants for fun at such a reasonable price. The Animal Protection Act would come down on them more heavily if they killed an animal.
  9. The good lady may not be aware of what she has done by agreeing to this but her enlightened decision should boost the construction sector by facilitating the construction of many new mansions, the retail sector through the purchase of many new luxury cars and the coffers of exclusive foreign schools and universities by facilitating overseas education for spoiled brats of low paid civil servants. The decision should have impact on the cleanliness and effectiveness of the organisation of national parks.
  10. There are usually some wrinkles that can be worked on, such as encroachment on public land around the edges of the plot. Go for it.
  11. Good move. This rogue monk has been involved in despicable crimes for decades, including the recent money laundering of the proceeds of the theft from the Klong Chan Credit Union which robbed people of their life savings. Hopefully the monastic authorities will follow up and defrock him. The DSI and police should be ashamed of their failure to arrest him for months.
  12. It's necessary to protect the profits of Government Pharmaceutical Organisation's own knock off brand Sidagra.
  13. Even going to the huge trouble and expense and the long wait to get permanent residence doesn't officially exempt you from this or many other discriminations in Thailand. Getting PR is actually prima facie evidence that you are a filthy rich foreigner ripe for exploitation.
  14. I have seen the tourism minister speak to a roomful of hoteliers. She gives the impression of being very sincere but not very bright. A perfect choice for a civilian minister in a military government. She got her own forecasts wrong in her slides and came up with ridiculous promotions like mountain biking for European over 50s in Prart and Lsmpang. The hoteliers politely warned her that there were no suitable hotels for affluent mountain bikers to stay at in those provinces. She has been chairman of Toyota Thailand but only because her family is the passive Sino-Thai rent collector in a company where the Japanese manage everything. I think we can assume she was just obediently doing as she was told without a second thought.
  15. I have also had to take evasive action to avoid hitting motor cyclists who U-turned, or even turned right, without bothering to look on that same stretch of road, particularly at night when most of them are probably drunk. i am not suggesting that Mr Benjamin is entirely innocent but it is also quite possible the deceased was partly or wholly to blame for his own demise.