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  1. you don't extend the visa ( which you don't have anyway as you are visa exempt) you extend the permission to stay stamp given on arrival, you can extend for 30 days at any local immigration office (1,900 baht) you will need all the doc's you listed plus copies of id page of PP, and copies of arrival stamp and tm6, you may also need proof of address and for the place you are staying at, to have completed a immigration form TM30, Chaeng wattana in Bangkok is the best place to go. look on here plenty of like threads to read up on here - wattana&updated_after=year&sortby=newest and here - extension&updated_after=year&sortby=newest
  2. what about 46 year old vw kombi/bay. need to fit
  3. are you talking government insurance which is done at the same time as the yearly tax, or a separate class 1,2 or lower insurance. in both cases you should be fine, but you need to know what you have.
  4. if they are small pieces missing, what about some clear nail polish, you need to seal them somehow to stop the water getting to the softer backing material. even some same colour-ish silicon may do the trick.
  5. do you mean the glaze is damaged/missing on the affected tiles.
  6. long way for most people
  7. as posted if no need to visit an immigration office then forget the tm30, the friend should in theory submit a tm30, if she does, then get her to check into the hotel, and that way no need for a re-submit of the tm30
  8. 350,000 baht is a good price if the same specs as the OP, that would have been 800,000 baht + new
  9. yes being pedantic
  10. yes i see them advertised on vw facebook pages i will post a link when i see one.around 1000Baht edit - volt cut off switch
  11. that way they don't make any money, this way they do and then the court charges on top
  12. what do you mean, having the money is a condition of the extension
  13. ok i tried a few banks here on a multi entry non 'o', no WP, No yellow book kasikorn i am on a joint account with wife - NO, Krungthai Bank, - NO - WP is required Krungsri - yes they required certificate of residence from immigration, another guy was in there at the same time no problem, he had also had been refused by other banks
  14. it sounds like you have no drivers, are any usb's working. what operating system go to ' device manager' look if there are any yellow x's against any of the items. ( go to start, type in device manager and then click on the device manager link) edit replaced should for sound's
  15. the cheapest, easiest way it to renew as normal, plus a re-entry permit 2,900 bht. a trip across a border, over night stay, plus a tourist visa and an extension would cost at least 8-10,000 bht