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  1. I'm shitten bricks
  2. Who said people are scared, however people do think they're a bunch of overweight middle aged fools.
  3. You talk like you're some kind of different species we all ought to be afraid of. Just unwashed folk on motorbikes who think they're hard when with their mates.
  4. He might be dead hard and not care less about a group of unwashed middle aged men who need their friends to back them up.
  5. Apparently its popular in Spain http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/16/kalimotxo-drink_n_1428364.html
  6. If they try and get back into Europe or SA they'll get a welcome committee. Seem very young to spend a lifetime on the run.
  7. Wanna hear about my SAS stories?
  8. Diet coke drank by fat women worldwide!
  9. You're losing the fibre and extracting all the sugar from say 6-7-8 oranges. You're claiming it to be a health drink when it isn't. If you put the entire fruit into a blender and added a little water then you could say its healthy. Though blending does affect how your body adsorbs this fibre.
  10. Thats very good marketing by coca cola for the sugar free stuff.
  11. Pure fruit juice is as full of sugar as the fizzy drinks for sale. You boomers have a lot to learn!
  12. The worlds worst hitmen are turning out to be very good at playing hide and seek. Or the seekers aren't playing the game.
  13. They don't have or need bouncers in soi 6 as everyones happy!
  14. Yes nothing like sleepless nights in comparison to what should be a double figures jail sentence (if true).
  15. Thats some response to an article about Pattaya being a place for sex tourism. I just go to Pattaya to do press ups, and if a slim slender Asian women is underneath me with no clothes on its just pure coincidence.