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  1. Could check out an Audi A1, they are small, turbocharged, sell 2nd hand for less than a million, new for less than 2 million. Engine can make over 200hp with a tune or 300hp with a F21TC turbo upgrade. I would second the golf GTI. Just picked up a mk 6 over the weekend. Price was 1,000,000 baht, immaculate condition, stage one tune already on it, 240hp. Will soon install the F23T turbo kit with stratified automotive tuning package, 50k baht for the kit plus 25k for the custom tuning. With Ethanol fueling or water meth injection gives 370whp. This is over 400hp at the engine, which is enough power for most people.
  2. Yeah I think customs would be able to figure out where it is going if done like that. I don't know about the process but I do know that a few people are definitely doing the conversions and they have the rear diff/AWD thing happening (I mean how could you call it an evo without it being AWD right?) I see most of them advertised through facebook groups. Some are absolute piles of crap but others look tastefully modified with quality (and functional) aftermarket parts that make good power.
  3. From the evos I checked out this is actually similar to what they do except they take a registered car to start with (Lancer or Cedia or whatever they are called) and then install the imported evo parts onto it. (engine, gearbox, driveline, body parts, interior etc)
  4. Can get RX8 here in Thailand. I have seen them. Not cheap as per usual thai prices. Check here and other facebook groups: I have searched extensively what cars are available and almost everything is stupidly and sickeningly overpriced. Only exception I could find was the Evo 8 and 9. For some reason they appear reasonably priced.
  5. In Australia I had a 96 Mk IV supra with many modifications, I looked into it and it ended up being cheaper to get another type of car with a 2jz already in it. There are quite a few choices out there. The thais are good at retrofitting all kinds of engines in all kinds of cars. Labour is cheap, and the police don't care about anything. I got a A31 cefiro, can pick them up for about 200k with everything already done. Ended up with 540whp on E85. Sold it. Will probably go for a Evo 8 or 9 next.
  6. In Australia they would put you on the front page of the newspaper, put you on the TV news shows and label you as a hoon, impound your car, send you to jail and of course you would never be allowed to drive ever again. Here in Samui I regularly overtake the police cars and speed away. They simply don't care about this kind of thing.
  7. Ah ok, well good to know there is someone who's is reasonably close. GTI's are awesome, but for a decent second hand MK 6 they quite a bit more experience. The twin charged engine was used in many other cars from the VAG. See here link. Is currently used in the Audi A1 of which there are many in Thailand now. Do you have a contact for this place? Might be worth using them after warranty is up. I found a place here in Samui that apparently specialises in European cars, but wondering how truthful this actually is... ie if it is just a place where they just put up a sign saying they specialise, but actually don't know much at all.
  8. I managed to call them today and they were not much help. Gave me a number of a showroom on sukhumvit. Long drive... The thing is that I don't need a dealer to do the work, it can be an authorised service centre. Any workshop who is familiar with Audi or Volkswagen would be fine as they share the same engine in several cars. I was hoping there might be something in the south. The cars are are great value for what they are. Fabia VRS is what I have. Good power, solid build quality and 5 year warranty. However yes it's a complete shame about the support here in the south. Samui has all the usual showrooms like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu, Nissan etc but honestly not inspired by what they offer at all.
  9. I own a skoda that is still under warranty, however I live in Samui. I thought there was an official Skoda Showroom in Phuket near Mission Hospital, See google maps link here but apparently is now closed? I need to get some work work done but not keen to drive to Bangkok. Is there anywhere in the south that is able to do a service? Skoda website in Thailand is completely useless, I don't think it has been updated in years. None of the numbers work, there is no helpline and there is no email addresses that work either. I sent an email to the head office in Europe, no reply either.
  10. Definitely need to approach it from a different angle. "When it comes to recycling, Sweden sets an example for the rest of the world. Thanks to a government prioritization on sustainability, the Nordic country recycles 1.5 billion bottles and cans annually, a staggering amount for a population of about 9.6 million (in 2013). In terms of rubbish, Swedes only produce a measly 461 kilograms (1,106 pounds) of waste average per year—less than 1% of discard ends up in landfills. This is slightly below the half-ton average in the rest of Europe."
  11. Yeah it is an expensive hobby. Although labour here in Thailand is so cheap. Installed a single turbo setup on my 2JZ cefiro running E85, tuned on a HKS ecu etc for a small fraction of what it would have cost in the west. Sold it about a month ago, but miss the power. Very tempted to try turbocharging the UZ platform next. Although I Just want something reliable and comfortable. These old cars always need so much maintenance and in the end they cease to be able to actually serve their purpose as proper transport.
  12. 1228whp is a ridiculous amount of power, I imagine it would be very difficult to drive on the street when on boost. Sounds like a lot of fun on the track though. Would love to see something like that at the local Thai drag strip. I went to the one in Surat Thani and there was mostly diesel pick up trucks and motorbikes. I was the only farang in the whole place. Great fun to race against the Thai locals.
  13. As far as I understand the last of the supras rolled off the assembly line in 2002 and there hasn't been any more since then?
  14. 200mph trap speed is insanely quick. What sort of hp did it have? 91mm turbo is huge!
  15. Car before my supra was a 1996 Vr4 legnum (wagon version of the galant Vr4). Had the turbos upgraded and made 360 whp. Everyone thought it was a family wagon. Great cars with the 4wd. Like a Evo. There is always someone faster. I thought 500 whp was fast and then you meet someone with 800 and then 1000 etc etc. Guys in the USA are getting over 2000 whp out of twin turbo Lamborghinis.