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  1. A bit expensive for a dick waving contest.
  2. I just wonder how many of the posters actually work in Thailand and have day to day contact with Thai colleagues. Those in the office where I work seem to be hard working enough and I have not heard of any violent incidents. The only thing I could say is that a fair few of them like chasing skirt - but that would be fair to say anywhere - a one-of-the-boys type attitude.
  3. They could use any money saved on the third submarine to widen the dock at Sattahip, so they could keep that fantastic white elephant HTMS Chakri Naruebet company (that wonderful aircraft carrier, which is only used for disaster relief and the odd training exercise because it is too expensive to run, and has no operational V/STOL aircraft which can take off and land on its deck).
  4. The obsequiousness of the reporters in tow is sickening.
  5. When I cancelled my visa at the one stop service center at Chamjuri, they really did not know what to do. But they required me to hand over my Work Permit.
  6. When I cancelled my visa at the one stop service center at Chamjuri, they really did not know what to do. But they required me to hand over my Work Permit. I should mention that immigration at Chaengwattana would not cancel my visa. They said I had to do it where I got my last extension (after waiting half a day). So I rushed across town and got the next to last queue number at Chamjuri. Took about 20 minutes, but they were guessing what they should do and even asked me.
  7. You are missing the interview with the National Intelligence Agency. I had no home visit nor did I sing anything (based on marriage). I don't recall getting any documents from Immigration, but I could be wrong.
  8. I don't know about him intentionally trying to improve the lot of the average citizen, but he certainly gave them a voice. He made the people upcountry realize that their vote did mean something, that they did have value/worth. And now that this cat is out of the bag, it is not going back in, much to the chagrin of the current powers that be. The authorities want rid of him and his cohorts, because, as you say, he is too popular for their liking. However, I can't help feeling that all these attacks on him, his family (no matter how deserving), and members of his circle, are actually playing into his hands. As long as only those on Thaksin's side of the fence are being condemned, when everyone knows the Junta (which includes businessmen/women with their fingers in the Juntas' pocket) is equally or more crooked (police on the payroll, massive houses on small salaries, winning bids despite no experience, selective investigation regarding Rolls Royce, etc.) it will be seen as unfair and purely vindictive. Leading to increasing disaffection with the current regime.
  9. No, they should not let it go. If there is a valid law to use and he has broken it, then they should use it. But if they are making up a "miracle" in order to force him to pay, which has no foundation in law, he must be let off. You must apply the law equally to everyone no matter whether it is Thaksin, Prayuth, Preecha, Pravith, Jathuporn, Suthep, Somchai and Somsri, ad infinitum. Laws should not be made up as they go along so they can get this or that person. Otherwise no one is safe. Not you nor me.
  10. Because they are only going after him. There are many other tax dodgers, but nothing is done about them because they are on the side of the fence that is currently viewed the right side. No one is saying he is not a tax dodger.
  11. Purely selective enforcement by a bunch of clowns under the name of the NCPO. Until we see action taken against tax cheats, corrupt politicians, businessmen, etc. from both sides of the divide, including those currently in power, their families (brothers, nephews, wives) and sycophants, the government cannot be seen to have any integrity whatsoever and is purely self-serving. A number of big businesses here are allowed to get away with clearly monopolistic business practices purely because of links to the powers that be. A really good tax audit of these companies is also called for, but will never happen. And the sad thing about it is that the person that is hurt by all this is the average man or woman on the street.
  12. They must have been awful parents for you to celebrate their deaths. [Joke]
  13. Got mine a few weeks ago. Had to register for PromptPay to speed things up.
  14. You hit the nail on the head. This is not about money alone. If it were, the other recipients of such funds would also be facing action, but they are not. The only conclusion I can reach that seems to make any sense in this case is that the other recipients are not seen as a threat to the current regime, but Dhammakaya is. It has a very large support base from all walks of life, from the rich to the poor, from the red to the yellow. But the common factor is that they will follow the words of the Abbott and his deputies, and if he says ignore or protest against the junta, the followers will do so. That is a lot of power.