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  1. I really think you need to be more specific in your internet searches, as far as I know it is supplied in large bottles, so I would search for 'big black cock' maybe you will have more success?
  2. You'll be telling us next that the fuselage is known as the boob tube?
  3. But in all fairness, without SheungWan the game bird wouldn't get any likes.
  4. And both can assist weight loss, they rot your teeth so you can't chew.
  5. Anybody been in her cockpit?
  6. Great name for an illegal transport operator 'Payup' his last name should have been 'Orelse?
  7. Maybe if you had asked a tad nicer, they would have thrown in a steak lunch too?
  8. Never been a big fan of American humour, but Married with Children and 3rd Rock from the Sun were exceptional.
  9. People you don't know won't give you money, I don't believe it.
  10. I have just been into Jomtien immigration this morning to do my marriage extention, got in at 1100 and was out for 1130. There was no-one waiting so we went straight to desk 6. However this is the first time I have gone down the monthly income route, when she checked my paperwork from the British Embassy she asked 'me' what the exchange rates were, will this be checked later on by some-one else?
  11. Does the ferry have the facility to carry cars?
  12. Yeah, he must have been up all night thinking of that itelligent reply!
  13. It's highly unlikely that it's the alarm draining the battery, its estimated that it would take two months to drain the battery, the discharge is so miniscule. However we have a Mazda BT50 and after only six months the battery showed problems but Mazda replaced it free of charge and we've had no problems since.