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  1. Notice the writers name is not displayed. My guess is that he is not a thai basher but instead, a foreigner basher. This article only points to a several few whom he has met which, if compared to how many bad thai man make the headlines each week, is incomparable. I also had done the bar scene for several years. And if you actually talk to thai ladies either in a bar or online. They do not want a thai man for the very same reasons he quotes in the first 2 paragraphs of this ridiculous story. If course I am sure he also may have met a good thai man or 2. But i am just as sure he didn't know those men so personally to be sure they were not the same as the typical thai man. I am neither a thai basher not prejudice. But i believe what i see and have learnt from experiences. This article is rubbish
  2. My thoughts exactly with the cursory small payout to the family and probation which is unsupervised
  3. They will be able to dive for sure.. the problem is once they go under they may not be able to resurface from the weight of the trash they pick up going down.. not to mention whatever gets wrapped up in trash on the props.
  4. Is it really denial when they are told previously that the eexplanations were accepted already?
  5. I forsee TV having more censorship. More biased news. If they partner with the Nation. Then surely the news will be reported with a one sided opinion. The Nation is not known for their investigative and unbiased news.
  6. What good does it to to have strict laws for punishments of those punishments are never given? Examples need to be made and tougher enforcement. As the article stated, this lady reported the theft yet had to post it online before anyone took notice. This in itself is a common practice with Thais. It may be that baggage thefts happen the world over. But at least when a theft is reported. It gets investigated by thr authorities and prosecuted by the courts. Lip service doesnt deter the common criminal
  7. Only in Thailand for sure...
  8. One would think the DSI has learned their lesson with temple Abbott's. Why do they continue to allow delays and give advance warnings to these guys? Ridiculous!
  9. And Saturday the leader swore enough water for the drought. Lip service at its best
  10. But the sad thing is.... their followers still send money and gifts and refuse to accept that they have been funding crooks. Blind faith or worse.
  11. Maximum penalty... 1000 baht fine.. a formal thai apology... and a donation to the local temple..
  12. Heck of a gimmick for the monks.. guaranteed to have repeat followers year after year, along with their donations.. And now, a good gimmick to entice tourists
  13. What difference does it make checking the belongings of the workers coming and going? All they need to do is call their buddy to come pick up whatever they stole and walk out the front door.
  14. Sorry but you are so wrong... my 2 dogs love my 2 and 3 year old but, should my children be too rough with them, they will snap (not bite) them scaring the kids away... This was not the girls family dog... It was let loose and at her house. It is possible the girl provoked the dog. This doesn't change the responsibilities away from the owner though. Nor does it remove any responsibility from her parents who should have been more careful watching their kid outside.
  15. More than likely a crackdown show like they did for the sex comments made. They may even find some tourist working illegally to take the spotlight away from the thais like they did with the black sex workers on beach road. Then the denials and remarks will be forthcoming...