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  1. Do away with the backward institution of the 'village head man' for a start. What century is this? A lot of them probably think that they can do anything or have anyone they want. Ref. KT.
  2. May I be of assistance kind Sir, in helping you to cross this busy thoroughfare , in order to insure safe passage to your place of abode?
  3. Why was a women living with a young daughter allowed to own a .38? Was the husband a cop? The firearm should have been surrendered on his death. This story could tragically have gone the other way. Are we to assume that most Thai households have a gun? Sleeping with a loaded gun under your pillow sounds insanely dangerous and uncomfortable.
  4. If true, that's great news. Now to keep them out of the greasy hands of rich Chinese businessmen with erectile disorder issues.
  5. Use the trains, why? Should Thailand's many thousands of sport cyclists get on trains? Where many tourers go wrong, is that they use the main highway. I'll bet that's how these two got to Khon Kaen, straight down highway 2. Absolute madness. I see western people cycle touring in the Mekong area every day, they stick to the small roads and are having a great time.
  6. Thanks for your reply Jack Thompson. I agree, the tuk tuk drivers in Vientiane are the most unpleasant I have come across. My last experience, last week, I payed one 150 baht to take me to a destination about 2 or 3 K's distance. We'd only travelled about 1 K, and he started complaining like hell that it was too far, and then driving erratically in his childish and petulant frustration, we just about got there. I threw the money at him and called him a buffalo. In fact, I often walk from the embassy down to the river, or back. It takes 30 mins. Take an umbrella to keep the sun off. The many reasons the La Ong Dao is nightmare can be read on trip advisor. I would add to the many complaints there: the general noise and tiredness of the place, depressing windowless rooms, loud Chinese tour groups and their huge buses coming and going at all hours, and the rancid brothel at the back of car park, with 3 or 4 nasty looking pimps loitering around outside. Really, not a nice place.
  7. I'll bet these Chinese cast-off subs are infested with cockroaches and have 'open-plan' toilets.
  8. He just got a bunch of crap off google and cobbled it together, that much is obvious. What a dim-wit.
  9. I wasn't aware that Laos is 'bad'. Never had any problem with the embassy in Vientiane except for the long lines. The only thing you need to know, is that under no circumstances stay at the La Ong Dao Hotel which is close to the embassy [You have been warned]. Go down to the river where you will have a fine time for a night or two.
  10. Someone knows where she is, and will sleep easier knowing the search has been called off. Expect another slim young western female to go missing from that place within the next year or so. Did the police use dogs to search forested areas? I doubt it.
  11. When if ever will one of these shirking morons step forward, and say in loud clear voice 'It was my fault, I was driving too fast on a wet road, I take full responsibility and accept the consequences, I am very sorry that I caused death and injury to those who entrusted their lives to me' ?
  12. Your friend would like to see you pay 3500 overstay, and possible problems in coming back. Not very good advice.
  13. You can only work on a NON IMM B visa, which is then converted to a 'work visa' at immigration once you have attained the blue book work permit. The 'work visa' is then dated to the same date that your contract expires. The 'work visa' can then be extended at immigration when you have a new contract for the following year, without you having to leave the country. You can have multiple entry, [and pay for it] if you intend to leave the country, for example: to take holiday, a couple of times during the year. It is not legal to work on a 'Thai wife visa', this kind of visa has to be converted to a NON IMM B before you can start the work permit and 'work visa' process. PS. Why are they talking to your wife and not you? PPS. Please don't tell me you are teaching English!
  14. What's wrong with these people? Pattaya IS the biggest sex resort in the world, if you count 15 minutes of 'jep!' 'jep!', 'you put on condom now!', 'you finish now!', 'you pay now!', as sex. Personally I don't. Pattaya is never ever going to be St Tropez, or Porto fino, or even anything remotely close. It has not a trace of cultural value, class, taste, or beauty.
  15. Tragic. If you are exercising vigorously in this country you must drink fluid almost constantly. He died in the same way as the 3 SAS soldiers during summer training in Wales a couple of years ago, fluids not being replaced leading to the body core temperature rising to critical levels. Strength and fitness is no protection. Wearing a sweat suit here is playing with fire, and certainly has zero health benefits.