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  1. No way. They will have a 12 m warranty. (m stands for meter not for month) LOS: Land of Submarines or will it be LOSS: Land of Sunken Submarines ??? LOSS of money, that's for sure. At least they can laugh at Lao. We have submarines, you don't....
  2. Security elevated in Thailand following London terror attack The only thing I experienced today was: Bribes and tea money were elevated in Thailand.
  3. Nah. In Thailand they only know summer storms. It's always summer. But it can be wet or it can be dry for some time. I've never heard of winter storms hitting Thailand.
  4. Ofcourse they are watching a one-on-one fight. It's for free. What do you think what the prices in those arenas are costing now a days?
  5. The last Honda was made in 2010 !!! So no way it is a relatively new model for Thailand. It needs 95. I alway fill mine up with Shell V-power. And the place is defenately NOT a Shell station... Their colours are Yellow and Red. Not any blue is involved.
  6. Officially they are NOT allowed to raise the price of basic provisions like water and electricity. They may only add an administration fee but this may not be a percentage of the original bill. With other words: It is not allowed to resell electricity nor water provided by "authorities" in Thailand.
  7. Thailand still can’t make one on its own... I heard something different last weekend in Pattaya. Went to a bar with an American retired Navy officer. He had some other retired Navy friends from Holland and Thailand there. After a few beers the Dutch started to tell how good their submarines are. "They can last under water for a month", he said. The American and Thai laughing out loud. So my American friend told them: "The US submarines are nuclear powered and can stay under water up to 6 months!" Thai navy officer started laughing again, mumbling: "One month, six months..."! "Thai submarines are world's best submarines.The submarine that we build in 2012 still hasn't come up!"
  8. What's the difference between: registered migrant workers, illegal migrant workers and slaves ???
  9. Previously (till 2014) one of my former companies did maintenance and repairs on several Bangkok Police Tiger Boxer motorcycles. The were having 2 types, the 200cc and the 250cc. 9 out of 10 were the 200cc versions. The standard Tiger Boxer 200cc costs 64,000.- The price of a standard Tiger Boxer 250 is 72,000.-. The police bikes are different equiped than the standard ones and several are using the special tuned 4-stroke "Cagiva" engines (copied). They also have a different suspension. We were importer & dealer for 2 Italian brands (Aprilia & Cagiva). Average price when purchasing over 19,000 pieces will be least 60,000.- THB for the 200cc version. So we're talking about a total purchase price over at least 1 billion THB. Some Mercedes dealers must have been very happy....
  10. So they had a bust at the weekly "Criminals from all over the world convention" in Pattaya.
  11. I prefer the Alfa Giulia or the Alfa Stelvio... Who copied who ???
  12. Just raise the tax on alcohol with 150% and they think that they're the #1 of the world with rising revenue on tourist spendings.
  13. In September last year the law office in Europe send me the complete files for a case one of my companies is involved. It contained over 2000 pages (8 kg box), too large to send by the digital highway but send by registered mail. I had to pick it up at Thailand Post customs in Chang Wattana. They wanted me to pay a bill of 1,900 THB on import taxes. I just had a very good laugh and showed them what was in the box. Their reply: "Uuhhhhhh!"
  14. Yes, yes, yes. Cleaning lady clean elevator every day. Sometimes 2 times per day. You see? Here she sign for job of elevator cleaning and here she sign for toilet cleaning !!!
  15. It must be a Thai an alien abduction. Koh Tao Rupt Police is now asking for pictures or witnesses of an UFO appearance.