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  1. Sorry to hear that mate. I'll lend you a few quid, just pm me all your bank details, & ofc your pin, & you'll have a surprise.
  2. +1 for Dr Scholl footwear!
  3. Great idea, then the whingers on tv could all move there! But then they'd moan about it being named after a Chocolate Bar.
  4. Live By Night - Gangster Movie with Ben Affleck. Decent watch at 2hrs long.
  5. Where can I buy a Limescale Remover, can't see any in Lotus?
  6. Can you call the service provider? Perhaps tell them you're LE...? 555
  7. The Americans s05e01 is available now!! Woo hoo!!
  8. Has to be my lovely Dad. Taught me to love & appreciate nature, star gaze & to not: "Trade substance for light" Miss him so much. He died 4 years ago.
  9. I know of the UD town Villa, but where's the other one?
  10. Dear Khun Graham, You appear to be well versed in the 'signs'... Is there something you're not telling us? Yours 'a concerned member'
  11. "That which we call a rose..." & etc.
  12. Moonlight And In dubious battle. Both very good, but slow at times.
  13. I was being very sarcastic.
  14. Quite agree with you op, & when 'they' don't understand english, just shout at them.
  15. Is the 'man in charge' the guy who wears a white shirt, no uniform & sits in the middle desk?