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  1. Good analogy . The reasoning that annoys me is that if you speak out against these Islams you are often called a racist and that as we all know is a difficult road . However these immigrants come to the UK ( and other countries ) without any intentions of integration , maintain their style of dress and religious beliefs and even try to convert others to their Islamic beliefs which entail acts that both discredit women and are against the British law . The Islams believe in their own law of Sharia which they live by but is denied by the UK government . Multiculturalism is unnatural and was never meant to be . Sooner or later there will be big problems as the Islamic population continues to increase at a high rate with the intention , by their own admission , to rule the UK .
  2. New arrivals should be on a probationary period and thereafter monitored . 2nd 3rd 4th generation etc are a real problem as they are natural residents of the UK , however some are indoctrinated with Islamic beliefs and few have integrated . They often appear to be stable and hold professional jobs until something clicks and they show their true colours by committing crime or they travel overseas to support their Islamic friends much to the disbelief of their family and friends . What would happen to us if we misbehaved in their country of origin ?
  3. Wanna bet ? They will because they do not seem to worry about delays to tourists i.e. immigration / passport / visa check can be a long process at Suvarnabhumi . I have seen these x ray machines in operation at Suvarnabhumi when passing through the " green zone nothing to declare " and they cannot cope with the many tourists and the majority were waived through . If all baggage is to be x rayed in 2018 there will be further delays . Maybe it will pay to go through the " red zone " and innocently declare something small that is not liable to tax . ( dont know if the x rays will be used in the " red / green zone " or when the baggage leaves the plane on route to the carousel .
  4. Completely disagree . That was a powerful speech that was straight to the point and not ott . However I feel you were ott when stating "hagiography " because Andrew Neil told the background of the deceased policeman and his daily duties which were realities . At one stage I thought that he was about to give his solution to the crisis and that would have been interesting .
  5. Not wishing to digress from this post but did you watch Prime Minister's Question Time , May on the back foot defending budget cuts to schools when manifesto stated "protection to school spending " seems that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing ( on top of the N.I.C. fiasco ) . Body language uncomfortable and insincere replies . I still advocate N. Farage as he has the intelligence , his countrymen at heart and the courage of his convictions . Says it as it is and would want him on my side . I wonder what Enoch Powell would be saying now ?
  6. Financially assisted repatriation would be a success and money well spent . Multi cultural societies are not natural e.g. birds of a feather flock together ( in most cases ) . Another example , India playing cricket against England , with 2nd & 3rd generation Indians cheering on India and mocking the English vehemently . Many have no intention of integration but just to milk the civilized chosen country of as many benefits as possible and continue to live with their traditions and cultures in a foreign land .
  7. Depends who were spoken to in the survey . If the immigrants then a BIG happy for sure
  8. Why are the accused always hiding their faces , is it a case of innocent till proven guilty as in the western world because if that is the case they should not be shown at all .
  9. Agree , however I thought the last round was not good for Srisaket Sor Rungvisai as he was running away and clearly exhausted , could have cost him the fight . Two very tough guys .
  10. Makes me think when I am out and about in the tourist areas , who could be carrying a weapon when I am sitting having a beer in a bar or strolling the sois or markets . Guns seem to be readily available and used without any fear of the consequences .
  11. Now that is being too sensible for this part of the world but you are so right