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  1. This could be entrapment, has happened before. I will wait until the investigation is finished. Someone mentioned that poor old fella in the UK who shot an intruder. Well, his conviction was over turned, but he did shoot someone in the back with an illegally acquired pump action shot gun. So no sympathy from me, particularly after selling his story to the tabloids and getting Max Hastings (yes, that creep) to do his publicity.
  2. I, like many others here, grew up during 'The Troubles' in England. I can still remember the dull thud of the bomb that the Official IRA planted in Aldershot in the early 70's. It was an awful time dominating the news with an ongoing cycle of seemingly intractable violence. Whilst I have no sympathy for the IRA, loyalist paramilitary organizations were just as bad - remember it was the UVF who bombed Dublin killing many innocent civilians. The RUC and the army were also guilty of terrible crimes. A lot of mainland Brits are very ignorant regarding the history of Northern Ireland. In the 1960's the catholics had a genuine grievance. The later life of McGuiness ultimately proves that violence was never going to be the solution.
  3. Why's she a 'vile woman' ?
  4. Be careful !! in one of the links you provide (Wiki), it states that the runways were cracked due to over saturated soil and sub grade - either a design or construction fault. Nothing to do with corruption.
  5. Gina Miller tried to stop Brexit ?? Really - and you have actual proof of this ? She might have delayed it with a court case, but then so did HMG when they appealed the ruling.
  6. Her Majesty had no choice in the matter. If the 'will of the people' people was to Remain, do you really think that UKIP and others would've stopped lobbying to leave the EU ?? People have a right to agree or disagree - it shouldn't be a case of put up or shut up.
  7. 2166 is a chance if they manage to get home ground advantage, dodgy referees and a blind linesman again.
  8. 95% ??? - do you really believe this ?
  9. Thanks. In that case I don't see what all the fuss is about. The Wiki link that someone posted in this thread shows that only a few Heads of State have addressed both houses in Westminster Hall but plenty of others have made an address from other places in HP.
  10. I could be wrong, but Isn't this just about letting him address both houses in Westminster Hall only ?
  11. You're correct, being puritans also didn't help during the interregnum. Also, there wasn't just one English Civil War, the others just had different names (Wars of the Roses, Barons Wars, The Anarchy etc.)
  12. Edward VIII abdicated and so did James II (even if this was decided by Parliament).
  13. You missed one - genetics. You don't get to choose a monarch.If one isn't up to the job it can cause a civil war (Henry VI and James II). If one overreaches he becomes a tyrant (Henry VIII) etc, etc. Admittedly these are examples from a long time before the Bill of Rights and the establishment of what in the UK is now known as a constitutional Monarch, but I think you know what I mean.
  14. Of course they want another referendum, they (the SNP) are the majority party in the Scottish parliament and are an avowedly nationalist party. To call Sturgeon a megalomaniac is also risible. It's the same with the Brexit vote. The remain camp are now called 'remoaners' and much worse for wanting to get the it debated in Westminster via the courts. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the vote went the other way, Farage , the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party and the Fleet Street fish wraps would all be lobbying for another EU vote.
  15. Which Bangkok is this ? The one I live still has cluttered, dirty, smelly sidewalks. Still has motorcycle taxis on the sidewalk, even building little ramps so the poor dears can get over the curbs at junctions. Nobody gives a monkey's.