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  1. To the ordinary person in the street they are the same thing. Forms of highly regulated authoritarianism/totalitarianism controlling our lives an promising us everything. It makes little difference which boot crushes your freedom.....the boot of fascism, socialism/communism, or some form of theocratic dictatorship or other totalitarian system..
  2. 55555 thanks for saying I'm knowledgeable.. To some extent I guess I am more knowledgeable in this subject than many people.... But that does not make me an expert. You have asked a question I do not know the answer to. "...does post-bite treatment amount to the same thing as pre-bite vaccination?" I'm sorry I don't have the answer to that one. I could guess..... but that would be taking a chance with a horrible disease and someone's life, which I won't do. I can only tell you vaccine information I know about and know to be factual. I will not guess at vaccine information that I am not familiar with. Please see a doctor who is very familiar with Rabies and the vaccines for more accurate info. . I'm sorry I can't answer that question for you.. Best wishes...
  3. Yes... you Brits would certainly know all about L & P and HP. I'm Canadian myself... with English, Scottish and Irish and German ancestry.. Mostly English and Scottish. I don't mind L & P being more watery... it's the combination of ingredients and taste I find amazing.. The L & P sold in Canada is made in England to the English recipe. I love it. But in the U.S., L & P is made there under licence or something... not made in England... and is not quite the same as the L & P in England and Canada. The U.S. uses a different type of vinegar in it... and maybe one or two other changes. I've noticed that L & P can be found in quite a few countries in the better resaurants... and sometimes even in just regular restaurants.... But you might have to go further to find it. If I get desperate, I'll even go to a large grocery store and try to find a bottle to take with me to a restaurant or I get some street food I wish to put it on. I can always take my L & P bottle back to my hotel or residence building if I have a room with a mini-fridge. It lasts for ages. Your Brits have some great stuff... :)
  4. YES ! You need a Tetanus booster every ten years. Get one if it has been ten years or longer since you last tetanus vaccination. If you are not sure how long it's been GET A SHOT! Not having the shot can be deadly....... having a second shot too soon will not hurt. I had two shots close together with no negative effects... due to one Tetanus shot being ....Tetanusm Diptheria and Polio combination in one shot... and my second Tetanus shot I recieved in order to also get pertussis vaccine... it was Tetanus Diptheria and Pertussis. The first shot was in March, 2011.... the second shot was February, 2012..less than a year later. No ill effects from the two Tetanus shots being less than a year apart. I use an app called Vaccine Record for Travellers... by Dr. Deb the Travel Doctor that I got from the Apple App Store to keep an up to date record of my vaccinations.. Good idea to keep an up to date record ... Tetanus causes agonizing painful muscle spasms so severe... you can actually break bones. Suffering is long and horrible.... and can take months to recover. About 10% of people who get Tetanus do not survive it. It can really ruin your day....or .... and your life... I had the Rabies pre-bite shots... series of three. If you get bit, you still need a further two shots of Rabies vaccine but you will not need the Rabies Immune Globulin... (which can be hard to find, and expensive in some areas.) It also buys you more time to get help and get the extra two shots. Nice to have.. Once Rabies symptoms appear... it's to late to do anything about it . You are going to die. Say goodbye to your friends around you. And it's not going to be a quiet and peaceful death. This is not meant to scare.... simply a fact. If there is any chance of you coming into contact with a rabid animal... get your shots and know what else to do. Study it. If you are not pre-bite vaccinated.... you don't have as much time to get help... and you will need FIVE shots PLUS Rabies Immune Globulin. Your choice...
  5. Well... I used to use HP Sauce many years ago. Not bad.... And then I discovered "The Original & Genuine LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire Sauce" ...and never looked back.. :) In my humble opinion..... the best sauce there is for many things... I love it on rare steak.. It's been made for close to 200 years now... heavily influenced by an old India fish sauce to which various herbs and spices are added.. which in its turn was said to be perhaps influnced by ancient Greek and Roman Garum fish sauce.. I guess "maybe" the India sauce might have influenced Thai fish sauce somwhere along the line... but Lea & Perrins is certainly different from it in taste and color. Among other ingredients....there is fermented anchovy fish liquid in Lea & Perrins.. in case you are curious.. (And they are suppliers to the table of the British Royal Family... if that means anything, which HP is also... I guess some of the family like HP... and some like Lea & Perrins ) In any case..... I love it...
  6. It's one of the reasons why Trump won the election... more and more people fed up with the feel good - go easy on the criminal socialist/democrat/social justice warrior crowd...
  7. Excuse me.... but 1. How in hell does a monster with a criminal record have a passport from his home country ? In my country Canada, you get a criminal conviction... you are FORCED to surrender you passport. 2. How in hell can he get through security and allowed on a plane? The computers should alarm that is has a bad criminal record. 3. How can he be allowed into the Kingdom or any othere country when being processed on arrival ? ? Again...their computers should see from the passport he should not have... that he has criminal convictions... When I got my O-A visa from the Royal Thai Embassy one of the things I had to show was a police report that I have no criminal record.... notorized by a lawyer..
  8. I don't know. I never asked. They have Facebook: FACEBOOK.COM/KRONICINK They are a Crop King Seed Retailer and their phone number is: Area code 905.....397-5163 I guess you would have to dial the country code first. They are a new shop, just beginning.......and adding and bringing in more stuff as they go alone.
  9. I'm back in Canada right now... and at the bus stop in my city close to Niagara Falls, I noticed a tattoo and "head" shop just up the street and decide to take a look. I figured they would be selling drug paraphenalia. Yes... they are... but also SURPRISE ! They are also selling many types of weed as well as several varieties of hashish. And they said that you DON'T need a doctor's precription. Just be drinking age or over. This is the first time I have seen weed and hash sold openly in a shop in Canada without the need for a doctor's medical marijuana prescription. P.M. Trudeau is supposed to be legalizing it in Canada like Colorado and Washington did.... But it has not happened yet. However this shop is not waiting... and the cops aren't bothering them.. . While I was there, two young guys came in wanting to buy some... and the shop employees asked them to show proof of legal drinking age... ha, ha,..
  10. Samsungs make great products. I love their old Samsung Rugby II flip phone and used it for travel. But now I have the even better Kyocera Dura XE. Unlocked.....Built like a tank to MIL Specs, and can be dropped on concrete from 6', or dropped into 6' of water for thirty minutes with no ill effects. 3G/4G with many frequencies and bands.... it works round the world...just switch out the SIM. I know what $8000 is......... and I know what 8000 baht is..... But I'm not sure what $8000 baht is... that's a new one for me. 555555
  11. I would definitely want to be knocked out when they operate on my eye. Being awake and conscious for that ? ? No thanks ! ! I would freak out ! I would rather be awake for open heart surgery.
  12. There is an Immigration Office at the Promenada Resort Mall ? I've never been there. I've only been to the Immigration Office by the Chiang Mai airport. It's not there anymore ? Sorry for not knowing..
  13. You're awake when they do that ? Do you see all of this as it's going on ? I can't imagine seeing a blade come at my eye. I would freak out. Can't they knock you out for this procedure ?
  14. You're awake when they do that ? Do you see all of this as it's going on ? I can't imagine seeing a blade come at my eye. I would freak out. Can't they knock you out for this procedure ?
  15. >"Get a Appointment Ticket in advance between 9.00 - 11.00 at the second floor office,..." "...second floor office,..." ?? There are a lot of second floor's in Chiang Mai..... What building? Where is this "...second floor office,..." ? ? ?