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  1. Just curious - Has anybody experienced this new issue yet? I believe the chip has moved to the front, isn't it?
  2. I believe sterling can be bounced back if global market will happen. A real question is When?
  3. Is it good time to pause the developers for Phuket? And preserve Phuket's Nature?
  4. ธาดา = creator ? พวก = group
  5. Video

    I think the pillion rider lost his balance because the rider is unexpectedly accelerating by human mistake. As result of that, be thankful he has managed the miracle escape from definite death spot and the bike has collided another bike. Apart from that situation, I am somewhat disgusted with the aggressive bus using dangerous speed and not even making the brake but overtaking another bus. Wow, that is pretty crazy.
  6. No, it is useful. Another words are "sure" or "definitely" - Thai2English
  7. In Bangkok only or national area?
  8. Why do the daily road accidents like this article need to continue for the rest of this year? I am dreaded to expect more unwanted tragedies especially youth more to come.....
  9. "Thai waiters" would be a nice & clear meaning....dumb is a very poor & uneducated word.
  10. The term Dumb is a very poor meaningful word. Perhaps they mean the waiter can speak Thai only but not other foreign languages.
  11. Is the driver using the most dangerous device - mobile?
  12. All the stupid medias are clearly not a benefit to him at all and they should be liable for ruining his life. However I do hope he will be able to resume whatever his wish or commitment will be afterwards.
  13. Stop car, of course..... what else?
  14. Publish incident, then pointing whose fault, then brush them under the mat, and then waiting for next one. Go back to the start. Is that how the system works?