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  1. What a horrible creature. What bridge did it crawl out from under?
  2. Yuck. Here is Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada (which is considered overrun esp. during high season).
  3. Maybe it's the massive turd in the center of the photo? What is that thing? Really.
  4. Hi Tex, I was in the same situation as you a few years ago minus the employers requirements (which I am curious about). In any case, for each rostered leave I would just fly in and get my 30 day stamp. Never overstayed as I had to be back at work before the 30 days ran out. Did that for about 7 years. There was no problem for me as I was not living or working in Thailand (which is what the authorities are looking for--guys with back to back exemptions living and working in Thailand without proper visa and work permit). I.e. doing a border run the same day. As well, they could see I had a long-term work visa/residency permit in my country of employ--work outside of Thailand and just come here for holidays. You should have no problems with Thai Immigration, though your status as a US resident may be effected. Also, not sure of the stipulations of your employer. Seems strange. Please inform. In any case, perhaps print the link another poster provided about visa exempt countries. That should do the trick.
  5. I don't understand this part: ""It seems they have an assumption that everyone who has committed a crime should be removable, but that's not necessarily true. Even people who have committed serious crimes can sometimes get asylum," Schmidt said." So the rights of an illegal immigrant and violent criminal supercede the rights of law-abiding citizens and victims? Sadly, have a similar situation in my home country. Our most recently elected PM is a complete idiot. He pledged to take in x number of "refugees" by a certain date just to get elected without ensuring they could be housed, trained and integrated into the workforce. As a result, the govt is stealing money from the defense budget to house "refugees" on Cdn forces bases as well as building mosques on those bases and buying prayer rugs and Korans (among other things). Further, we have young Syrian MEN assaulting Cdn high school students with whom they share classes. Most are not "refugees" as they claim. Most are MALE economic opportunists of military age. Where are the real refugees (e.g. women and children fleeing ISIS?). Pathetic.
  6. ...and they are broke.
  7. 18th century standards? That far into the future? This great leap forward must have something to do with Thailand 4.0.
  8. I knew the gist of the propaganda for local consumption as soon as I read "Don says..." Says it all really.
  9. Sad story. If what you said about her stabbing someone is true, perhaps she is where she belongs and you can make a fresh start. Best of luck.
  10. Please don't insult the dogs. As for this guy, goodbye and good riddance.
  11. Was out swimming with a friend in Hua Hin about 15 yrs ago. He emerged from under water with what I thought from a distance was a baby jellyfish stuck to his shoulder. It was a used condom.
  12. Turkey was a fantastic country that I enjoyed visiting as often as I could. Not now though. This guy needs to go.
  13. Huh? I am not predicting anything. Just trying to give sound advice. I.e. don't mess your body up with antibiotic cocktails prescribed by TVF posters that are not licensed MDs. But yes, PM me and I will send my bank details. Look forward to your huge donations. I am already predicting something in your future...
  14. First, get professional medical advice. It is your health and far more important than a work permit. Do not seek medical advice on a forum (i.e. prescriptions from anonymous posters) . Third, be honest with your doctor. They will tell you what is or is not possible for your situation. Go see Dr. Donna as ricklev has suggested.