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  1. The property market has been quite generous to us with land prices going up. But what do I care whether I can own land or not, the value it represents will go to the kids anyway.
  2. Just have a look at Hong Kong or Taipei and then pray that Thailands policies stay the way they are. The Chinese would purchase the entire coumtry.
  3. Get first rid of all the formaldehyde and pesticides and I will use the fresh markets again.
  4. 6.5% growth over a period of 10 years is a 80% rise in either visitors or spending by visitors. Is Thailands tourist infrastructure ready for this? Coming from Hua Hin yesterday, there was a 30 km traffic jam on the Rama 2.
  5. 1 ngan (400 m2) goes for 600 to 1 mil in the villages around Chiang Rai (within 5 km from town) . 4/5 years ago you could buy this for half of todays value.
  6. I think you'll get more answers if you tell us what you mean by payable. How much land do you need and whats the price you want to pay. There is 1 very good property portal, I am not sure if I can name it. Google propert for sale Thailand and it will pop up.
  7. The Dutch have a political system based on compromises. The Polder model as they call it. And its been quite succesfull and effwctive for them.
  8. Ban the mushrooms Problem solved.
  9. We drove to the South yesterday and even here ypu see 'misty' mountains. The hills near to Hua Hin and Chaam are all covered in smog. Farmers and hill tribes are burning whatever they get their hands on. Without a decent law enforcement, this problem will only get worse.
  10. I was planning to buy a small condo in France or Spain, so let the Baht strengthen a bit more first.
  11. BS. Thais up to 18 also have free access to the Louvre. EU citizens up to 25 do. So I, a EU citizen, have to pay the exact rate as a Thai of my age. Telling half truths is something you're quite good at, I've noticed.
  12. Cause some people are actually earning big bucks polluting the lunges of millions.
  13. Once you live here, pay taxes, work, support a family and basically are part of Thailand, it's nothing but normal to pay the local rates.
  14. This nation has a lot of potential and future and is certainly no backwards hell hole. You clearly have no idea how living in a real third world countries is like.
  15. And that's why this should be included in the electricity bill. What I also miss are Government infomercials about environmental problems. There seems to be a complete sense of ignorance and apathy. With a lot of people having respiratory problems, you would expect massive protests against locals and corporations responsible for the smog.