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  1. Nooo this can not have happened!? As US have been condemning Russia so much for killing civilians in Syria I can't believe that US and its allies have killed ANY civilians either in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on... See it for what it is, US is just hypocritical: Russia invade a country and its an invasion while if US invade a country its a liberation.... US claiming that the Russian involvement in Syria is to sell more weapons wile US is the largest weapons exporter in the world... US have hold naval exercises just outside Russian waters and when Russian airplanes buzzed them they call it a provocation compared to when Russia parked an unarmed intelligence vessel just outside US waters, then US called that a provocation... US placed Tomahawk launchers in Poland, not that far from Russia and then US say that the Russian response to place nukes in Kaliningrad is a provocation... US with NSA, CIA and so on are spying on and hacking Russia, China and so on everyday but when Russia or China does something like that against US then US call it an act of war and threatens to physically attack those who are hacking and spying... US has the largest navy, largest air force, most thanks and most nukes in the world and now Trump want to get even more...
  2. Why bother, you can already lease for 30 years and then extend for another 30 years. I have rented 5 rai from my friends for 30 years, it's all payed in full, 1 Baht per rai and year so 150Baht. That was just to make them happy at the land office when registering the lease... they didn't accept either 0Baht/year (free) or 1Baht/year (30Baht for 30 years) but when we said 1Baht per rai and year so totally 150 Baht then they thought that it was OK to stamp the lease?!
  3. The heat is hard on your body and it has not even gotten to the hottest part yet, the temperature went up to 46C when I used to live in Tak... then the winter came and we had 4-5C. But the heat is killing, I myself took a 10km bicycle ride yesterday afternoon and I'm still paying for it today. I had a bad headache when returning home and it has still not gone away even with plenty of water, sleep and paracetamol so I went to the clinic at lunch... basically the doctor said that I boiled my brain yesterday and it will take a couple of day ts to get better.
  4. And still they let those who have a teacher degree teach even though their knowledge is lower than where the students should be after they finished studying. Thai teachers with degrees in teaching English is one of the best examples... many of them can't even communicate in English so how are they supposed to teach the subject! Another example here in the college are some of our animal husbandry teachers: one teacher that usually teach about chicken and has a degree in animal husbandry from Kasetsart could not take care of ducks and gees. They are all birds so they should be some what similar and then you have internet and books to find information if you don't know what to do... in the end almost 300 ducks and gees died last semester because he didn't know how to take care of them! That is the real problem with the that educational system!
  5. Yea! Just look at all those who are well connected (Thailand love their HiSo's) that get away with a slap on the wrist, a fine and some time in the temple for vehicle manslaughter (even if they leave scores of dead behind) while poor, unconnected people are sentenced to jail for the same thing.
  6. When I go to the temple with my friend and offer food we never expect to get anything back with us. Sometimes we stay and eat from what's left after the ceremony and I see some people getting bags to take food with them back home, still it's after the monks and the people that eats in the temple has finished eating. You should not offer more food/money to the monks than you feel comfortable with. I have friends that are poor rice farmers that basically only give rice and water to the the monks and then eat from the food that others provide, I also have friends that are quite rich that give food wort 500-1,000 Baht just in ingredients and then they don't even stay around to eat in the temple. But as many say, beggars cant be choosers and the monks beg for the food in the first place... so this man is begging from the beggars!
  7. This week I'm clearing a 3 year backlog of documents for our Mini English Program... as more than 50% of the documents are in Thai it should really been done by the Thai teachers + that I have only worked here for 2 years... next week they will come here form the Vocational Education Commission to check the the work we have done in our MEP... Last week I was working on a new web page in English for the school... the director ordered the Thai computer and English teachers to do it in the beginning of the semester but as they have managed to do nothing in almost 6 months it ended up on my table instead. So, yea, I'm staring to get a little frustrated and when that happens I have a tendance to write a lot.
  8. I can understand that people want better jobs and higher salaries but many of them don't understand that you have to work for that in the rest of the world! The Thai English teachers here in school have their Master degrees in teaching English and thanks to that they have passed Krusapha exams/levels they have almost double my salary but still they can't even communicate in either verbal or written English. With their level of Education their knowledge of the English language should be on the same level as I am, maybe even better. Now they even speak Thai with me because my Thai is better than their English... I have studied Thai for a week while they have studying English from first year in primary school and all they way through university so about 20 years!? For me that just show how bad the educational system is and that something is way messed up with how they divide the money for the paychecks! I don't say that they should pay me more for my work but they should pay these teachers way less than they get today and if you would follow the same performance scale for them as they use for me then they should have half of my salary... not double as they get today!
  9. I don't know about Norway but Denmark have a exchange program for students studying agriculture that has been running for almost a hundred years and its the Danish Ministry of Education that takes care of it so they have worked out most of the kinks.
  10. He hasn't complain about the snow, he is complaining that there is no motorcycle or car for the 2km between the house and the farm. And then he complain that he has to work so much (8 hours a day/max 38 hours a week) because working in 8 hours in Europe and working 8 hours in Thailand isn't really the same thing... We have tried to get OJT in Australia but basically it failed on the visa part as Australia has quite harsh visa restrictions! We are hoping to get positive answers about OJT in New Zealand this year but so far its just in the beginning.
  11. That's not defamation, it's just pointing the finger at the idiot that behave as an idiot!
  12. They want to go abroad to work...if there is one thing all my (former and present) students that have gone abroad for study, On the Job Training (OJT) and working has in common and that is that they all complain that the work is to hard. One student that is now in Denmark has been ranting and complaining for over 2 months that he has to go 2 km by bicycle between the host family and his work place (Travel to Farm, a almost hundred year old Danish project for students from abroad to get OJT on Danish farms)!
  13. If 86% don't pay their fines then maybe it's a good thing to enforce these measures as Thailand is ranked the 2nd worst country regarding road fatalities, China has fallen from the throne to 3rd place while Thailand stayed on a 2nd place and Libya is now ranked NO 1.... but they have a war going on that might affect the numbers too!
  14. This is the problem with integration everywhere... it hasn't work! My parents are afraid of going to Thailand because of all the bad news about what happens to tourists in Phuket and Pattaya meanwhile gangs of refugees/immigrants are fighting each others, torching cars and buildings and areas that only 5-10 years ago was "normal" are now dangerous to visit because of the failure of integration. My sister even told me that she felt more safe walking around alone in BKK at night than going out with her friends back home... in Sweden!?!?!?
  15. Not more than 13 passengers... usually there are 14 or 15 passengers (including 2 in the front beside the driver) but the most people I have experienced in a van is 20 passengers and the driver.