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  1. Watched them build it, bamboo scaffolding and all
  2. Want to plant 400 sqm of grass on red soil, full sunshine, located in Rayong, what would be the best grass to get, lowest maintenance, and expected cost per meter, I would be laying it down myself
  3. Too change your address from Thailand you have to go to the Manila website, just email them and they will give you the information you need, can be done by mail or on the internet. If you check with the American Embassy website in Bangkok they have the information for contacting Manila
  4. They never enacted the new law, too many expats complained, you can access your social account in Thailand, I just went on mine yesterday
  5. Went to Rayong Immigration today to do my 90 day report, went prepared with copies of everything, all they wanted was my passport and TM47 no extra forms, in and out in five minutes, that made up for the 55 KM drive each way
  6. I sent registered letters to MN, regular registered goes through Jamaica NY, sometimes gets stuck there from 7-10 days, EMS registered goes through Chicago, no hangup there, in and out within 1 day, this has been my experience from over five years of mailing from Thailand
  7. Send it EMS, five days or less to the US, expensive but worth it, regular registered mail gets hung up in New York for long periods of time cheap but slow
  8. Wow it has been around for a long time, that was one of our after hour places when I was stationed in Bangkok from 1968-1970
  9. What would be a good tire for wet weather, Toyota Vigo Champ, 2 wheel drive
  10. I was just there early last month, and everything was operating efficiently, machine was handing out numbers, just did a 90 day report and was in and out quickly, this I did not want to hear
  11. I moved my container from Minnesota in June of this year, I used Siam International, they are located in California, they deal with shippers all over the US, cost me under $4000.00 to get it shipped to Rayong Thailand, this was for a 40 foot container which I purchased, would have been $500.00 cheaper if I used shippers container, but wife wants to convert it to a guest house. They have shipping agents in Bangkok, the shipping agent in Bangkok was Transpo, which was arranged for by Siam International, everything went smooth as silk, do you have enough for a small container, or are you talking crate size, give Siam International a call, Thai owners but can speak excellent English
  12. Boon Me, You were lucky, talked to one of the local guys here who I found on this forum, they put him through the same hoops as the origianal OP, he finally gave up, if I have to go to Bangkok and go through all of the BS, it just won't be happening, when the wife gets her new Blue Book, I will check if they have relaxed there policy, you the man
  13. Great, I think this is what I will be doing, and thank you for the filter information, I asked my wife if she wanted to order them for me or should I have the GF order them, she didn't think that was funny. One more question, I will be having a couple of outside water faucets on the house for the wife to water her plants can this system be set up to bypass it for the outside water.
  14. Thank you for the response, I was at Home Pro yesterday, and this looks like the system that they showed me, I take it that you are also using a pump. The stainless steel tank is used for getting rid of the odors in the water? This looks like what I would want. How often do you change your filters, I didn't get a cost from the person If talked to because I wasn't sure what I needed. How large of a tank do you have, there will normally be just two of us with occasional guests. Have a great day. Mike