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  1. Thai men are so nice so portraying them as animals........
  2. Dog meat eaters always behave like dogs. I understand why some people only settle their problems with guns .
  3. we should believe the government because they never lied before.
  4. when did you apply for the tax return? I did mine last week so how long do i have to wait?
  5. we want to keep our relative freedom to rant if we want.......
  6. why telling this information to the public? Never understand Thainess . Shut the <deleted> up and do your job professionally.
  7. six people to interview 1 guy . They must be very busy at this immigration office!
  8. to learn how to force people decision.
  9. He looks Stu.....d in this pic....oh! Sorry dear lovely leader. You are the most handsome of all Thais and foreigners together....
  10. why always fire. Does it mean anything in Thai belief?
  11. in other words, we are going to stay 2 more years.
  12. human rights are the least of the junta priority.
  13. Taking highly educated Thai women jobs. Deport them all..these bloody foreigners 555555
  14. It's so nice to be so Powerful......A half God.........
  15. Communication issues are all over Thailand administration, not only in embassies.