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  1. I hope one fine day in the near future, someone will sue them for that....
  2. They were named by the self named Prime minister so at the end . They are as illegal as the Pm is.
  3. They will be freed on bail soon. Our dear leader is scared of them.
  4. This is only 1 side of the story. I am waiting for the other one.
  5. just wait for a next elected parliament to submit your report. Everything they are going to do now will be biased. I wonder how can you check and balanced others when you voted law to make you not accountable to the tax payers?
  6. Thailand is simply amazing.
  7. so P is not ready yet.....
  8. life in Thailand is so cheap. Why not leaving him. Life is precious. Some Thais behave like animals. Always using violence for every problem they encounter.
  9. you got fooled by the military. They are just buying time. Things will settle down and they will go on with the project.
  10. ok . So all tourists and sexpats are going to turn their backs on Thailand.Many johns and pauls are going to go to Cambodia or Vietnam.
  11. 3rd round of the match. Dhammachayo 3 Prayut 0.
  12. This is the end of the first leg. Dhammachayo 2 Prayut 0. The second leg is going to be very tense because Prayut is very very angry 😠 right now.3500 players against 1.
  13. Thailand is not democratic and will not be in the future as long as Mr. Super power is in power.