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  1. Any bank as long as they can bothered to do the paperwork. The lazy ones will tell you that you need a WP. That's BS...you don't
  2. Bigotry at its xenophobic best
  3. Short answer, DON'T. Long answer, if you need to ask that question....DON'T
  4. Did he try to stop the dual pricing? Wasn't it THIS government that stopped expats using their DL?
  5. If you can't see the point......there's no point....for you. But for those of us who can see the point.......
  6. To those who think it's a waste of time, fine, don't get one. For me it's been useful and happy I got it. Cost me an hour and 20baht plus a few photocopies.
  7. I used mine to get an AIS SIM card. Used it for checking in to hotels and other occasions where ID has been requested. Thais who have never seen one before like it and like the fact you have one. IMO it's already proven useful.
  8. I pass thro both airports regularly. I have never ever seen all desks open. It is without doubt getting worse. Partly because of vast numbers of Chinese tourists totally bewildered and without a clue what they're doing or what they're supposed to do with an immigration form
  9. He's been moved to an inactive motorbike
  10. I mentioned I was going to Malaysia, they asked me where it is. Someone else asked me if they have snow in Singapore. It's not just the west they're not interested in.
  11. I think it's wonderful that these boat operators care so much about us. They're going out to protest on our behalf that we should only pay 5x the price.
  12. Ask your girlfriend if she's happy to pay 10x the price you'd pay if she goes to your country. ( you know the answer already )
  13. And insisted that foreigners be charged 20x instead of 10x ?
  14. I really hope so and not because I want Thailand to suffer
  15. A couple of years ago I read that Starbucks were changing their logo from Starbucks Coffee to just Starbucks. I think it was for good reason. If you love coffee you're not gonna go to Starbucks