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  1. That’s when Chuwit quipped that Vorayuth could just find another reason to dodge the next summons. “I don’t think that would be the case,” Prayuth replied. “Please, dear members of the press, don’t speculate like that.” I look forward with baited breath for events on April 27th then. It's time this POS went to prison.
  2. This does go to the heart of the matter. What can you say and where can you say it? The BBC published the story in London, not here. It found its way here through Facebook. By the Juntas standards, no one can say anything bad about Thailand, anywhere, but that's just not feasible. How could anyone anywhere in the world know what was happening in the world, if every country did the same thing? Freedom of speech is about being able to say what you can show to be true. And the truth as they say often hurts.
  3. Thiss guy is even more stupid than most. First he is gambling, which is illegal, he gets pissy when he loses, so goes with another to give the ref a kicking. Then his mate shoots a man dead, but he didn't know he had a gun? When is this idiot going to accept some responsibility? It his actions from the outset that led him to this point. Throw him in jail and leave him there till he rots.
  4. Keep death off the roads. Let these reckless idiots stay on strike as long as they like.
  5. "The park has suffered extensive encroachment with many popular resorts set up by influential figures, including politicians and high ranking officials." And that is the admission of how Thailand runs. Politicians and high ranking officials take whatever they want with impunity, until now at least. The courts need to throw every single one of those caught behind bars for a long time, and sieze the assets of them too.
  6. Clearly, breaking in to someones house in the middle of the night, whilst drunk, just for a friendly chat, is perfectly normal for Thai people. The neighbours giving him a group kicking is pretty much standard practice too, as we all know.
  7. I am starting to wonder if this administration is actually going to be able to pass ANY legislation whatsoever. Pretty much everything they have tried so far has fallen flat on its face.
  8. They are certainly trying to do that. There does seem to be a significant amount of pressure for the truth to come out, but I suspect very few people will expect it to actually do so.
  9. I don't know what is worse, the corrupt practice by the police in trying to plant drugs, or the complete ineptitude in the way they carried it out.
  10. Agreed. Crazy sentencing, but that is Thailand every day. I would expect the Court of Appeal to agree to bail shortly though. The big issue here is whether this case is a one off, or if we will actually see Justice being dispensed to all, regardless of social status. I suspect, sadly though, that handshakes and under the table deals will continue to maintain the status quo.
  11. This man has to go to Jail! End of story. If our loveable, though intellectually challenged PM wants any credibility whatsoever, Yoovidhaya must receive the same time in jail as the common man would. Failure to do so, will provide ample proof of this "Governments" true credentials. Loyal to the rich and elite who don't rock the boat and all together in the rich folks club.
  12. "The regulation was strongly criticised." Well there's a surprise, eh? The carnage on the roads every day, shows that people here can't drive, but more training to make things safer, is too much to ask from them apparently.
  13. I would be very surprised if they haven't already filed an appeal and are applying for bail right now. I would also be equally surprised if it is refused. I am not surprised to see such a lengthy sentence given to a 70 year old. I don't think the judges here can add up 70 +50.
  14. And with the attention span of the locals, this is going to pass through their heads about the same speed as that of a goldfishes memory. Given the road fatalities every year, Songkran really should be renamed the "Festival of death and maiming."
  15. Unbelievably stupid purchase of these submarines, with absolutely no logic provided as to why they need them other than for their image. This country is crying out for investment in projects way more useful than this utter stupidity.