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  1. Khun Eric, why are you talking about 'passport'(singular), like Surapong does actually, while it are at least(!) TWO: one regular, AND a diplomatic(!?!) one..., which were emitted by the passport division, which had been closed several days because of the flood, and was especially(!) opened (outside of its normal daytime opening hours) for this sole purpose (and didn't re-open for the Thai population the next morning, by the way...), nothing 'political' in there for you, outside of the blatant abuse of power...?
  2. But there will be people going on denying PTP belongs to, and is lead by, a certain Mr Thaksin and his Shins' clan, while its only reason of existence is to serve their personal interests...
  3. No, on the ground it is, indeed IMO, a work of misleading propaganda, the aim of can hardly be else than creating disruption, and maybe even unrest, at a time when dear Yingluck and other PTP scammers might well soon be found guilty, and heavily fined... (And, technically, it's not the government taking that decision, when I'm correct)
  4. Thank you, but no, you must have been mislead... The: 'whether you are with us, or you are against us' kind of 'logic', was and is ever present in the Shins' creations such as TRT/PPP/PTP/...UDD and their followers. Clearly, I cannot possibly associate myself to the red colour, but neither can I to yellow, or green, or any! I have a mind of my own, a quite critical one I admit, without 'friends' or 'foes'. What about you? Were the consequence of all things Thaksin & Co. decided, bad? No, certainly not IMO. Are the consequences of all things Prayut & Co. decided/s, bad? No, certainly not IMO. Are the reasons behind the decisions of Thaksin, Prayut, anyone with some power, good ones? There I'd have to say: no, mostly not, as, sadly, ego, selfishness, greed and corruption are the main motivations of nearly everything in the country, IMO. How do you think about it?
  5. To 'the subject at hand' as you put it then: According to the presently existing measure which prohibits political gatherings, the 'raid' was justifiable. Whether it was the best 'strategic' move, or not, being another question (IMO, 'the military' could have found a better way, ...not providing free advertising for Shins' propaganda). Considering the 'writers' of that book ('s political allegiance) only, the comments given by Mr Yutthapong were quite telling, their(?) work can only be one of deceptive propaganda, another attempt to mislead about the true reasons and negative consequences of the rice 'scheme' under Yingluck's(?!) 'government' which are at the time under examination by a Court, and, as such, I, personally, consider preventing the printing(!) of that book would have been justified. While stopping the distribution will be difficult to achieve. P.S.: Will you read that book...?
  6. Thank you for your wishes, and for the reaction you felt more qualified to write. Let me contradict you by grabbing a chance to tell you that the 'national heathcare' was conceived by the ...'Dems' lead by Chuan Leepkai, who was by the way the mentor of Thaksin, a firy 'Dem' at the time, like his father and one of his uncles who were 'Dem' MPs. The plan, not an easy one to elaborate you will admit, came to fruition during Chuan's second tenure as PM, and was ready to be implemented, by the 'Dems', by 2001, but it is a new political party created by the Shins with Thaksin as N°1 on the list, which 'won' the election, and he was, indeed, the one who made a reality from the ready-for-use national healthcare program he had 'elegantly'(?) 'recuperated'. The truth is nor white nor black, but in shades of grey...? You write about so many farmers who were all 'paid'(!?) in your family, your village, other villages, other regions. I wrote about a rice scam said to have been created to help the small, poor farmers, while it did not, could not, as their production was deemed too small for them to be granted access to the pledging scheme. No doubt the rice they might have had in excess of their own consumption found its way to the millers, but not in their name, via middlemen and such vultures, taking away a thick slice of the cake and all the cream. Did all those poor(?) farmers you know about get the official pledged price, or were they 'paid' a much lower price, by the middlemen? And had all the costs(!) not risen to a point very little, when any, profit was left for them to survive on?
  7. The book's launch is NOT 'political', the book's publication is NOT 'political', the book's content is NOT 'political'! It can't be, as we all know that for anything to qualify for the 'politically motivated' label, it has to be somewhere disturbing for the Shins' PTP/UDD, what this 'book' is rather the opposite of...
  8. Guess they do, but only use them for totally 'legit' business, deals very seldom are totally! Anyone paying registration costs on the (real) full value of a real-estate transaction in Thailand, erm...?
  9. What a waste of trees to print over 434 (four-hunderd-thirty-four!) pages such a North Korean glorifying fable about 'the great leader''s (via his puppet/clone-sister's) fabuloulsly successfull(y ruinous) rice scam (Nr.2)! 'The writers said the book is about the benefits the farmers gained from the Yingluck Shinawatra government's rice subsidy scheme': when it would be 'news', this would be the perfect example of fake news! This is really scandalous, as the 'grassroots', the small, poor farmers got nothing, zilch, nada from the rice schemes(scams), but prices for seeds, fertilizer, pesticides higher than ever before, higher interest rates for loans, etc. (guess who collected most of the extra money generated by it: the 'friends of'...), ...that while the production of their rice culture was deemed too small for them to even participate to the (in)glorious scheme! Yes, red apologists, they probably would still follow the Shins' orders in an election, voting personally (under the watchfull eyes of ...), or 'renting-out' their ID-cards for a few days... In fact, it would also be interesting to know who has been financing the printing and distribution of this masterwork of misleading propaganda... The 'book' coming out now hasn't of course any link with the court hearings of Yingluck and the associated scammers being, at last, nearing their end, for sure, ...nor aiming to create any pressure on the ones to issue a sentence about the scam, ...and of course could never be associated with the intent to stir up tensions in the 'red territories' in case of a negative outcome for the scammers... To conclude: the writers (as the inspirers(!), and sponsors(!)?) of the book cannot be accused of hypocrisy when they say it has been written 'about' the farmers, and not 'for' the farmers, as who could expect poor and, alas, little educated farmers to spend their short nights of rest to attempt(!) reading such a 434 pages logorrhea, even when they would get the book for free! Why and for whom was this book written...?
  10. Hmm, whether 'it has been lost in translation' in the parts I read about this scandal, ...or Mr Surapong was LYING to the media, when he was referring to the (re-)issuance of 'A' passport (singular) to Thaksin, while Ms Supa speaks of TWO passportS: a 'regular' one AND a diplomatic(mind you!) one (plural), to a convicted criminal, on the run... What Mr Surapong cannot have ignored, as he, personally, travelled abroad to hand over these passportS to his cousin! (And 'some' say there would have been several others passports issued, under alias, to the same felon, during the same very special 'session'...)
  11. Hope he comes to the Courthouse! LOL
  12. I know it's a sin, so call me bad, but I would enjoy to see 'Tricky Thakky''s cousin, the head of the other main branch of the Shin's parasitic clan, come crashing down. And, oh my, does he deserve it, though for this one it seems he will avoid criminal charges for aiding a criminal on-the-run. Maybe in a next case then, when he'd still be in Thailand to hear the charges in Court, as it seems to be a family trait to avoid that...
  13. Hey Joe, sorry, but I can't call a frog spitting poison: 'cool', please tone down! Actually, it's the person you're insulting who's kind of 'cool', ...not reporting you for abuse. As your late reactions are together personal and plain abusive, and it does not fit into this forum's rules.
  14. 'TKDfella': What 'vacuum'? It sounds as if you would be thinking the Shins' clan is down-and-out already, or soon to be. When that would be 'what the local people think' according to the wide and deep experience of 'those ... who live in the NE', I'd sincerely hope it would be right, but honestly doubt it. The Shins' clan has accumulated a wealth in billions of USD by robbing this country, and was just 'that' away from becoming an, hereditary, dictatorship (when some 'person(s)' higher-up would not have 'disliked' the prospect), I don't think they have abandoned their plan yet though, and they have enough financial means to re-create the 2009/2010 insurrection(!) tenfold (as long as it does not damage the, many, lucrative businesses they own/control), and more hunger for revenge than ever before. So, what 'vacuum'? ...Or would you imply the local people in the NE (and N) could 'abandon' the Shins, their 'hero' Thaksin, even when the money would start raining on them again, as that is what mainly puts them in motion?
  15. 'candide': What is the link between this 'post' of yours and Jatuporn and the other (already) convicted(!) criminal(!) 'leaders' of these 'red shirts'/UDD? When you're just attempting to deny their guilt, or at least deflect the attention from their despicable actions, this would be well in-line with most of your other 'contributions' here... And a well-known typical reaction from the Shins' TRT/PPP/PTP/...UDD and followers, the: 'we did nothing wrong/we are the majority/we do what we want/we were democratically elected/our way of the highway/the others did (this) so we can do (that), kind of stuff, oh my, what a bunch of 'democrats'! P.S.: And you can write it on your belly, no amnesty for these (terrorist?) criminals, even under the guise of a pseudo-reconciliation, as there can be no such either, ...considering the people you follow remain in denial of any wrongdoing and reject any kind of compromise.