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  1. There will be someone there willing to let you use their bike for a small fee....but it would be better to do the test on your own bike as you will be 100% familiar with its quirks and handling characteristics.
  2. Yes I believe he is Thaivisa member KOTO
  3. Just out of the ground ....they do say the ground works take the longest...
  4. One of the good things of living with poorer working class Thai people is that they are out at work all day and have very little money to do noisy construction work on their condos, though they do sometimes like a party and there is always the chance of burk with mortar and pestle at inappropriate times.
  5. Yes driving so fast you blew the sign away....... its been gone for a while now.
  6. Yes it would be fine if it was only 1 day, and everyone could avoid it if they wanted to, but in Pattaya its up to 10 days of running the gauntlet maybe getting ice cold water thrown in your face or your phone ruined by smiling idiots who deliberately target people who request not to be soaked or are driving a motorbike causing them to crash..really if they want to have the water fight I wish they would just close off beach road for a week and let the mayhem be confined to just that area... as it is on the 19th the whole city comes to a is quite amazing once or twice but gets "old" very quickly.
  7. At the government housing estate in Na Jomtien ( which is simular-ish to the 9 Karat condo) the price for 33 square meter unfurnished rooms on the ground floor started at 350,000 baht about 5 years ago now they are asking 470,000 baht that's straight from the government Ooh-Arton swimming pool and 100% Thai owned...fully done up there are people asking 800,000 baht for their 33 sq meter rooms.
  8. It might be all used up by too many viewings before it can be released.... similar to DNA
  9. Been coming soon to Bahn amphur ( next to the now defunct Alankarn show ) for ages !
  10. Yes much like the work permits that state you can only do the job in the specified location.
  11. I would go for a. and c. + a few more years to either build or repair the water treatment plant
  12. Yes those holes have been there for years I think they are owned by the failed "highest condo in Thailand" project
  13. If they haven't fenced the area off the fly tippers have most likely already started again..its really is disgusting that people who (mostly) claim to be so proud of their country treat every vacant or not fenced off piece of land as a rubbish dump..without repercussion but are quick to lock up a tourist for "feeding the fish"
  14. I suspect these are new super duper article 44 appointed officials...but same plan.
  15. Excellent now all the responsible owners can bring their dogs for a walk on the beach without having to worry about being attacked by rabid vermin and maybe use up some of the free plastic bags as "pooper scoopers"