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  1. Its difficult to find the right balance between commerce and the environment....but not if you disregard the environment completely😊
  2. You can't' get people together ' by being divisive , surely somebody as smart as Trump would grasp that rather obvious fact.
  3. Nice dream but I fear highly unlikely.
  4. A lot of Trump supporters thought being a non politician was a feather in his cap. Just shows that sometimes what you wish for , is not what you want.
  5. Trump makes Obama look better by the hour , little doubt which one history will be kinder to.
  6. Tattoo is a shame !
  7. I would guess somewhere in Isaan might be the answer , check out ddproperty for an idea of local rentals.
  8. I live near London , you are talking utter nonsense , have a nice day.☺
  9. Yeh but I would bet that he is spot on about Trumps knowledge of SE Asia. Mention Pol Pot and he would likely think you were discussing dinner . Whoever is responsible is a bloody fool , drags up events that the US would rather forget and any decent lawyer could probably counter sue for a great deal more.
  10. Laugh you out of town in Texas if that was all you could put together.
  11. I like a beer and a fag but im pretty sure both are far worse for me than the odd joint. Legality is an odd defence , laws differ widely from place to place , if Opium was legal ( rather than nicotine ) would smoking it be fine with you ?
  12. Yes it will cost a few cases of beer and some whiskey , yes he might end up with 30 white strings around his wrist , big deal ! Its a good experience and nobody will sulk if you leave next day , he will have fun !
  13. My initial thought was Ubon and a few days by the Mekong.
  14. Yes Trump and Hanson are radical extremists , hell is the place for them😅