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  1. Flying Qantas domestic in Australia with an upgradeable ticket I was seated in economy when a member of the cabin crew spoke with another passenger(friend)sitting across the aisle from me advising that she must move as the aircraft was not safely balanced.I mentioned that I had an upgradeable ticket and was told that seating allocation was done by ground staff and could not be changed once on board. 5555 Favourite upgrades, PER MEL 5pm flight seats 1A,B,C and D
  2. ASH WEDNESDAY Factsheet Major bushfire locations on Ash Wednesday The Ash Wednesday fires consisted of some of the most devastating bushfires Australia has ever experienced, sweeping through parts of Victoria and South Australia. Weather conditions leading up to the Ash Wednesday fires Between April 1982 and January 1983, Victoria experienced severe drought conditions and little rainfall, resulting in its dries t period on record. A combination of dry grasslands and forests, very hot temperatures, low humidity and high wind gusts presented Victoria with a high bushfire risk. The temperature was 43 degrees Celsius on Ash Wednesday.
  3. Now for a look at the tour guides negligence and the bread way!!!!!
  4. Some years ago I went to Ancient City with several Thai, I went to buy admission tickets for all and provided sufficient funds to cover farang fee. The attendant asked if I had "something" Thai,I showed Thai driving licence and was then charged at the rate for Thais,so some are trying harder to please.
  5. I have just read a report from Australia to the effect that new coal technology for cleaner power is still 30% more expensive than gas fired generation and is 50% more polluting.
  6. I would be applying at CW BKK. Many years ago I went to CW with proof of income in excess of 800,000 thb and was advised that I must show money in bank for renewal, I was given compassion and extension was granted
  7. Please clarify for me whether funds in bank are required to be seasoned when using combined income and bank balance method. Thanks
  8. Some years ago I was "fined" for having small overnight bags loaded in my builtin luggage rack on Izusu MU7. Kanchanphisic Rd Bang Khae.
  9. Walk away!!!!! Too many dodgy "sellers" of supposedly legit land here
  10. These are not accidents they are CRASHES
  11. On applying for an extension of stay at CW I noticed a TM30 form displayed on the IOs desk with relavant details required hilighted by marker pen. I asked I if needed to use this form and was told not needed as we have your address,only use for permanent change of address. Following this were many reported cases of housemaster being fined so next visit to CW for 90 day I took the housemaster with me to submit a TM30,enquiry desk had no clues,sent to queue number desk,much discussion among IOs,given number for 90 day report. Once there they had no idea what to do,gave housemaster a new form and told to submit this at our local Ampur office.Did not bother to continue with this application.
  12. My phone is AIS prepaid call and sms only plan,for internet I dial *777*70# gives 24hour internet access for 9 baht
  13. Top Consultant...calling road crashes accidents!!!!!
  14. Its always interesting watching Thais on motorcy dodging my umbrella while I use these crossings
  15. I recently submitted via Windows 10 using the installed IE browser,submission went well but on checking status was unable to print at that time, 2 days later print function was working OK