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  1. Section 17 of the Nationality Act does not apply to a child who has at least one parent of Thai nationality, because such child did not acquire Thai nationality because it is "a person of an alien parent who was born within the Thai Kingdom". It acquires Thai nationality by birth under section 7, paragraph 1 clause (1), as amended by the Nationality Act (No.2) B.E.2535 (1992) because it is a "person born of a father or a mother of Thai nationality"
  2. You are right, your wife's debts are not relevant to the visa. Whether you have a visa or not, you are jointly liable for any debt your​ wife incurred after you go married to her. If she can't repay the debts, the creditors can ask you to pay. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  3. Thanks Immigration may ask for the boarding pass stub of your return flight if they suspect that you did not fly out and back and if you don't have it, check the passenger list. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  4. What you are talking about is not your​ children of Thai nationality taking care of you in Thailand, it is about your children, who live outside Thailand, giving you financial support to live in Thailand. The correct one-year extension of stay for this is the retirement extension with minimum 800k Baht in a Thai bank account. This money and any other money for your living expenses does not have to come from you; it can be remitted to your Thai account by anybody. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  5. "Can a farang do home remodeling on GF house w/o work visa?" He can, but it would be illegal without a work permit and he cannot get this permit for this type of work.
  6. I don't think I could find a bank in Switzerland within a 20 km radius to sell me 20k Baht for my trip to Thailand. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  7. meatboy, I suspect that your computer got some malware which hijacks your browser. You can read about this here: Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  8. With too many names, they may not fit into the limited space on airline tickets (I believe 27 characters in all) and this has sometimes been a problem with travel to the USA. Is this still the case today? From a post made on a travel forum in June 2016: Source:
  9. The Thai ID card has two fields for the name: ชื่อ (Name) and ชื่อดวักุล (Surname). Into which field or fields did the district office put the two family names?
  10. Address the letter to the Swiss embassy, but send it to the visa applicant to submit together with her application. TLScontact has this example on its website as a guide for the invitation letter (for you in French, which means you may write your letter in French):
  11. Visitor Visa applications for travel to Switzerland must be made at TLScontact on Sathon Road. The list of the required documents says this about finacial proof: This declaration form does not appar to be available for download on the website of TLScontact amd will be handed to the applicant when the visa application is submitted and reviewed and TLScontact considers the declaration of sponsorship necessary. mrnike, did your friend in the meantime submit her application and get the declaration of sponsorship form? What does the form look like?
  12. Yes, eyecatcher, please be so kind as to post the file you saved. If you have it in the Microsoft Excel format, kindly save it as a PDF file from the Excel program and attach this PDF file to your post. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  13. There is a handwritten note in Thai below the departure stamp of 27 JUL 2011 but it is not clear enough to be legible. Can you post it in a higher resolution?
  14. I have made the attached chronological table of the stamps on the passport pages you posted. Some stamps and entries are missing for the period in question and are perhaps on some of the pages you did not post.