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  1. Agree and also what's missed out on his rants are the innocent people that get killed when drunks and dangerous drivers crash !! He just doesn't get it does he !! How someone gets to run a country when he is so stupid is beyond me !!
  2. A effective and honest one ! NO !!
  3. Link ?? If you can please ! Thanks mate
  4. Not new rules they need it's a new police force !!!
  5. Have read up on this recently and it seems said ,although not clear , that New would take 5/6 years to build and supply etc. So we will know very soon if they appear in the next year there second hand for sure.. Onre story has it thee a upgraded model and spec is something between two existing models . But who,knows ?!! another the General I would imagine even as all he seems to be excited about is the three for two offer !
  6. Money's ran out and there trying to work out how they can get out of this without losing face ! Any normal country and powers that be would just say we feel we can't justify this expense and move on . Not in Thailand though . The Mercs will already be ordered !
  7. Just shows how safety and common sense plays no part in Thai van drivers mentality. And never will ! As for the rest of the Thai drivers on the road !! Words fail me !
  8. This travesty carries on and on !! . One day for sure the true story will come out and confirm what everyone knows ,or almost everyone . To those you've carried on the fight over these years respect from me and many more who watch and follow and support . To those who defend this injustice of locking up innocents hang your heads ! You won't as you don't care ! But the world is still watching and where I'm from people are still talking about the innocence of the B 2 .
  9. Well that says it all doesn't it !! I feel nothing to hide it would be released. Clearly RTA are lying . Poor young lad !! RIP . Karma please !!
  10. Quite funny this statement about cleaning up Pattaya ..I have friends where I'm from who work in 3 different travel agents and they openly advise single male customers who want to go to Thailand that's Pattaya s the place to stay. There quite open about it as that's what the guys want . Women ,booze and fun. At Xmas there's a group organised by a local pub goes there every year consisting of around 40 guys and only for the girls ,beer and nightlife . So guess they need to sort out all the travel agents in the world also who grown to know if a customer wants a sex holiday it's Pattaya that's the first port of call..
  11. Some posters on here crack me up... Very few people wanted or enjoyed school because of many reasons. The kids in this class are having fun and even if it can proven what's she's doing is not helping them ,I think it's great !! , at least there school experience will be a better one . Those kids in that class will I'm sure look forward to the next lesson and if all classes were as much fun as this maybe they would learn more and be equally as well stimulated in the rest of their school experience .
  12. Not having that lol I know what you guys get up to at weekends !! 😂😎😜
  13. Wonder how many poor innocent Thai submariners will die before the Subs are deemed out of action due to lack of maintenance . As others have said 2 subs and a suitable vessel to extract crew when submerged and trapped would be more beneficial . Also how long will it be fir they canabalise one for parts for the others . It will be no problem though as the illustrious leader will comment its fine as we got one free ,,, !!!
  14. Exactly , Toys for the boys and nothing less. But has disaster written all over this. Serious kit and big input to keep them operational. I'm sure Thai navy and technicians are not up to maintaining these Subs .