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  1. I think a good rule of thumb is if the brand is available in both places it will be compatible.. Vivo for example not sold in USA. Samsung sold everywhere so likely to work both places
  2. In USA now with my Vivo y51l. Does not work here as it does not support USA frequencies. Tried T-Mobile and Att Sims.. Both got very sporadic connections to 2G very unstable and nothing else.
  3. Liver and Kidney Function blood work also
  4. if you don't allow them access to your devices they can legally take them for as long as they need to to crack and download whatever they want to see. This the USA, after 9-11 HomeLand Security was given broad powers. You can decline but then they can detain you and still get access to your stuff as you watch in cuffs. The facts as they stand today.
  5. Maybe he only needs WIFI ? AIS unlimited WIFI is only 69 baht per month billed weekly. I have AIS unlimited 512K bps so I never run out of data and when I need to download movies or large files just walk over to the mall and use AIS WIFI and then head back home when done. BTW the 512 K is suitable for browsing, VOIP, and can easily do Youtube vids at 240 resolution. limiting for some but very cost effective for me
  6. Without legal immigration our birth rate cannot sustain any growth. If you want to see contraction of our economy and asset deflation, then preventing immigration is a great way to do it. We simply need the immigrants to fund our SS system, and keep our consumption (which makes up 2/3 of our economic activity) going. An aging western society without immigration is why Japan could not drag itself out of recession for more than a decade. They are still perilously close to failing because of their xenophobic views on immigrants.
  8. In Thailand I thought 'grandfathering' was when a 20 something waif takes up with a 60+ expat for the cash flow.
  9. It can be done but the chance of the school actually helping her with paperwork to transfer work permit is about .00005 %. Get a letter from old school terminating employment. Then cancel work permit. Get new school to prepare documents for new Non-B Visa/Work Permit. Leave country and get new Non-B.
  10. I cannot understand how one can survive on 720 pounds a month in the UK. Living in Mom's basement or couch surfing ?
  11. In short. yes. Be respectful. The hair would be viewed as clownish and a possible affront to the Thai people and their love and respect for the late king.
  12. Why do men get involved with ladies with no job and even less ambition in life ? yes...I guess she is pretty and all that but really just sits around for the past 3 years ? You guys need a reality check. A relationship works better if both parties are independent. if one or the other leaves the bills can still be paid. She has no option except to have you pay the bills, sad for her and even sadder for you.
  13. You need some better apartment hunting skills. You can easily get a place in BKK with AC and toilet and shower for 4000 baht. For 6000 to 7000 can get a very nice studio room. Your income is about the same as 50% of all English teachers earn in Thailand. I have lived on 32 K per month for a couple of years easily as long as you are frugal. Even if you rented an apartment at 6500 baht, that leaves with with more than 25,000 baht for food/utilities and extras. Easily doable.
  14. I cannot recall where I stated that....can you refresh my memory or are you simply posting for the sake of killing time ?
  15. Actually the private sector garners the lion's share of profits. The Defense department approves and brokers the deals for a 3.5 % commission. The private profiteers, many ex military and government executives make the does not do much to offset our tax revenues.