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  1. Original size sent Crossy. On a side note; they were blown away anyone showed interest in codes & compliance.
  2. Visited our local PEA today and this was all that was available on the subject of ground fault protection. A picture on the wall and this document that must be signed before service is connected. Seems there was a little lack of knowledge there so I didn't bother getting into GFCI receptacles, among other things. They're definitely moving in the right direction though.
  3. This whole thing always gets under my skin; Moving, cutting grass, repairing/maintenance on your vehicles (by the way, I caught a guy at an auto repair shop putting on a used oil filter during an oil change), changing lights, planting a tree, repairing a leaking pipe, things that require immediate action (glowing wire in a breaker panel), ect.................................................. Makes just about all of us guilty.
  4. Are gfci receptacles exceptable, ect....???? I'll try to get to our local (Lamphun) PEA in the next day or 2. If it's a bit of info I will post, if it's several Thai documents I can send it to you Crossy, if that's alright. Unsurprisingly, our electrician is in the dark on this new code and he's not excited about the modest protection I was putting in. I say was because it may not be modest (independent rcbo cb's) after talking with PEA. They're building several new houses in the moo-bahn where we're renting now. My wife's related to the sup there, so I went to have a look & a chat with him. In the 2 newest homes there is no ground fault protection at all. One recently had a meter installed & the other will be installed tomorrow. I was told there is no inspection, not even a look in the houses. Just some photos from outside. I'm thinking on block housing projects the PEA official may figure if he's seen one, he's seen them all. JMO May be a tough code to implement, but if insurance companies start noting it in policies maybe it will catch on quicker.
  5. Is this for real? No front to back protection, no meter? Is it a province thing or nation-wide?
  6. Spring brakes could have been way out of adjustment, pads could've been fried, rotors could've been distorted & cracked. Everything that has to do with brakes on a commercial vehicle should be checked daily., but I'm sure they're all over inspections & maintenance here.
  7. I understand that Daikin & Mitsubishi are cream of the crop, but what about the Samsung inverter units. I've been seeing them everywhere & their energy ratings look pretty good. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the heads up Crossy, I'll make adjustments;-) I didn't know one could lose their gear when it wasn't plugged in, but I guess a close enough hit would take us out also;-(
  9. Thank you Crossy, cap popped & grounded. Puzzling why it was capped to begin with.
  10. Just got this SPD yesterday & don't really understand them. It looks like fuzes/breakers on L & N side and assuming they're open until >275V comes along, than they close sending the surge to G earth bar. This is only on the N side, the L side is plugged on the lower left. What happens to the surge going down range on L side? And would N open again when <275V? And to contradict things, I found this diagram online. Shows the L side (mine's plugged) going to ground also. ???? Confusing. For me anyhow. Thanks in advance!
  11. A while back the wife wanted something blessed, went to 2 temples and there wasn't a body to be found. Go to any shopping establishment and there's hourds of them. Seen one a few nights ago leaving a small local shop with a Leo. Depressing seeing this religion made a mockery of.
  12. I noticed those 15amp outlet/plugs are everywhere, even the panasonics. Where can one find some 20amp & heavier?
  13. Mistaphix, I don't know what chain stores you have down there, but I was in Chiang Mai Thai Watsadoo today & seen a line of ABB plastic din rail boxes. I was also in Do Home where there was none, but I did see the Saftey-Cuts Crossy mentioned on din rails.
  14. What's on the shelves & knowledge of staff near the shelves is no doubt, very limited! Plastic din's were from China, as is the surge protector (don't have it yet). I may have seen some plastic din's at Do Home but can't recall for sure. So much going on right now my brain housing's memory stick is overloaded. Read what Crossy said about Saftey-Cut. I couldn't find any reviews on Gsafe's either, nothing. The only thing I like about the Gsafe's is you can get them without mcb's (load your own behind the RCBO). The rcbo's sensitivity is adjustable as is Saftey-Cuts & it has a 5 year guarantee (whatever that's worth). I'm sure others will chime in, but I understand there's good SPD's available from R&D for at the device protection. I haven't got that far yet.
  15. Good point! As said, mine worked great in a car port that wasn't entirely enclosed. Lot of wasted energy for that comfort though.