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  1. Lucky the Bib did not choose to shoot tires out
  2. How wonderful, glad the new embassy will have free wifi, water fountain, free coffee and tea kids play area, and comfortable seats to whittle away the waiting hours to be served,
  3. Not a policeman in sight, gifted money just passed them by,
  4. Working here in Davao with the locals for a couple of weeks at a time, this is Duterte,s home base they love him here, Having a confessed to ordering ( extermination) when he was mayor of Davao, The trouble with this type of gun ho mentality , innocents get taken out by corrupt police, who try to extinguish any complaints about their own violations of the law and there are many examples here of such deaths, Now the majority of people affected by these killings have very little money to fight for justice , and run the risk of extra judicial killings , Killing does not work, it will never work, a total rethinking on a man made problem by ladies and men who are forward thinking. Now 2017 if you take in the roaring twenties up till now a long time has passed and still no valuable solution has been found, and that is a sad indictment on humanity. I myself do not know what the answer or solution to drugs is but there would be many parts to the complete dealing with the world epidemic of drugs , killing sure is not one of them .
  5. Convieniant that money was there, loose lips sink ships !
  6. Vanquished vs victor victor vs vanquished "Do not impose on others what you yourself, do not desire"
  7. Ugly as a hat full of A - holes, there are some really nice people in a service to the public too bad many are not employed by the taxi service, in LOS,
  8. The raid was in the evening and old mate was fast asleep , for a nano second on waking he must of thought the cohorts were back with more booze , now you have a headache induced by greed !
  9. Honesty, Integrity just two words that come to mind before the flood gates OPEN!
  10. God help him at bike show week, pre come will become another problem for him,
  11. Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing, Aristotle
  12. Driver never stoped, was able to carry on another 10 kms, then park and run off into the forrest, one would think this was the very first roadblock these law enforcement employees have attempted ,
  13. The amount of hot air would fill how many Balloons ?