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  1. They need to catch them all and fast, as the wildlife is in crisis.
  2. Very sad; the old gal probably was all out of income options at that age. If it's the option of selling drugs and starving or not being able to get medical care, many go the illegal route. At least in prison, one will get food, possibly medical attention, company and sex!
  3. If you fail to consume the 90 essential minerals and trace elements, fail to eliminate the toxic GMO's, soft drinks, toxic drugs and fail to drink clean water, fail to read vaccine and prescription warning inserts over time you will drop like a dead fly without hypertension sooner than you should! The above with a brisk daily walk will eliminate high blood pressure. Everyone is so brain washed; most don't understand what the body needs to repair itself. As they age, the prescriptions pile up, which creates more toxicity and acid in the body? The medical community gets rich and the patient cuts their life shorter! I'm 69 and I have lost all my younger U.S. friends, some as young as 45 to cancer, stroke and heart problems. They didn't listen and wanted to argue. Meanwhile, I'm prescription free and feel great. The problem with people today, is no one listens and doesn't do their own research. Easier to read all the bull shit. If you want to live even longer and turbo charge your body, hang with young, healthy person over 18!
  4. Perhaps another illusion or fake definition for the last thousand years. 5555 I'm half American Indian! When was the last time you met one? America and and half the world is living on the reservation now. Much of the world has left the constructive time and now is in a destructive time. Very similar to what the America Indian experienced. History always repeats itself. Be very careful what you perceive to be true or you will be walking the trail of tears! Most of everything you have learned to be true was an illusion. The smoke and mirrors are beginning to rise finally to see the wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers. Many are are now being arrested in the American medical government community for fake reporting. You will probably not see that in the main stream news. I'm thankful I'm here.
  5. It will be more frustrating if cash flow for the country retreats from changing things that has been so rewarding for both developement and for families in remote areas that receive ATM deposit transfers!
  6. I ignore everything from WHO and IHS and most published articles. I'm so sick of fake content so I trust non of it. Some is good most is bad. I do my own research and sample this and that and what I published works for me. I recommend readers do their own research and confirm everything. Experimentation is a must.
  7. No businesses likes to have incidents like this in the news, especially hotels.
  8. I'm 69 and will be 70 soon. My blood pressure is 119/40. The secret is consuming the essential 90 essential minerals and trace elements and your body will not break down. The body needs that to repair it. I take Youngevity Products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0. www.youngevity.com It's in powder form to be mixed with water or juice so it is absorbed quickly in the body. It increases for people because they are not consuming the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Your skin is your biggest organ and I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin 3 weeks after taking this the first time many years ago. It now gives me better protection from sunburn. I can be in the direct sun for two hours and no change. They keep adding more ingredients to make it better over time. Take a brisk walk daily....10,000 steps. I use a smart phone app to count the steps. Drink lots of water, no soft drinks; limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks daily. Good Luck...
  9. With the 10's perhaps, as everyone wants to be their friends! The 10's are the worse as many are narcissists and what we perceive as arrogance, is actually a discard as their supply is currently full! Many years ago my dad told me to forget about the beautiful women and concentrate on a plain lady with a good heart and a soul. He also said, "some are more exciting than others." Naturally, I didn't listen and I have been paying the price ever sense. I've lived here for 11 years and it's my opinion that most Thai ladies are shy, because many don't speak English fluently. If you ask them, they will agree.
  10. Hold on! In my opinion the deal in the short term was not lost! In time a better plan may surface for the reasons below. Trump recently change the law regarding tax penalties for not having Obamacare and fewer new applications will be submitted, which will force most to cancel their policy as premiums will have to be raised dramatically to make up for massive cancelations and less new cash flow. Said actions will cause Obamacare to self-destruct and soon. The fact of the matter is Trump care was just a watered down Obama care after negotiations and really wasn't that great. After Obamacare crashes totally, a new and better health plan could surface. The reality show will continue!
  11. They may turn to taxes, but I see similar problems with reducing taxes as the problem they had with health care. With oil prices retreating, forcing the U.S. petro dollar to retreat, ridiculous U.S. debt, forcing governments to dump U.S. Treasuries and replace SWIFT with their own alternative system, combined with hyperinflation around the corner, massive job losses with many of the largest brand named stores closing, I don't see too many future promises fulfilled. Mexico just announced that they're oil industry may be going in the bankruptcy soon, combined with their currency in trouble; so how can I pay for a wall? However, the reality show can offer entertainment for some and sadness for many.
  12. Be thankful you can still hear wildlife, even if annoying. Planet earth is losing hundreds of various wildlife species a day. A time may come when all wildlife may be silent.
  13. Initially shy, most beautiful with long dark hair, fit, stylish; but beware of love bombing and gas lighting! Both being psychological terms. Many women today worldwide, are forced to be better dealers from financial responsibilities. Buyer beware and ask questions like if they have any friends left, and how they get along with family members. If they discarded all their friends and family, perhaps their own children, your next!
  14. It's hard to believe they will actually control this over 3 days. The police may be persuaded to actually join in with the water Festival.