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  1. Sure he overtook you. He was on duty. Buying Som Tam for his colleagues... [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  2. By the way, Big C Casino brand has a delicious cream cheese but it is a bit liquid/high water content. 160B for 500g cup. White cup, blue print
  3. Most of the cream cheese available here I don't like. Yesterday I bought a pack of Paulys Cream cheese at Makro for 79B. Tastes like a piece of rubber, waste of money. That is not the kind of cream cheese I'm used to it from Germany. I think this Emborg comes close to my liking. I like Area brand as well. This is real cream cheese:
  4. I give them six months....
  5. Automatic capture of your licence plate and pay at the toll both. Other method use hand laser gun and pay the fine on the spot
  6. I don't understand why they not use or install speed cameras. They could make millions of Baht with that. Just example of the Don Mueang tollway, speed limit is 80. Absolutely no one cares about it...
  7. Can please someone tell what this fuzz and hype about this Bingsul (Korean desert) is? Shops and Cafés selling it are sprouting like mushrooms, mostly overpriced in my opinion. Also there is a great similarity with the Thai shaved ice desert that exists for a long time and you can buy for cheap at many places... Please enlighten me [emoji4]
  8. Appreciate your link but this website seems kind of strange to me. Even high quality brand TV such as Samsung or Sony don't exceed the 1 star rating. There is a lot of rant but not much positive
  9. They have this Westinghouse flatscreen TVs recently at Big C marketed as new brand introduction. They say it's US brand and Made in Thailand. One positive thing is they have 2 years warranty so they can't be that bad methinks. Right now they have a promotion until 29 March for two models, 40" reduced from 13,990 to 6,990 and the 32" from 7,590 to 5,990. I'm probably thinking of buying the 40" model as this is a real bargain. Not even TCL or Funai brand come close to this price. Anyone has experience with this brand and can tell me? Thanks
  10. Could I make pastrami without curing salt? Except that the color will turn grey I think it should work... Any ideas?
  11. Yes, similar to the recent one and from the same organisation. Also there's another one, featuring Thai celebrities and sponsored by Honda, about wearing helmets.
  12. Agree with that. Anyone recently seen this clip on TV about speeding on motorcycle. Where a dog walks on the street following an accident... I tried to search it on YouTube but couldn't find it. This is a good start and they should air more of these clips
  13. Anyone knows something about the species Rubus glaucus / R. probus and their availability/suitability for Thailand
  14. I figured out one thing most Thai people obviously not like is the cumin in many Indian dishes.
  15. I tried it for Ma Po Tofu and it tasted good. Considering that you can't get some of the authentic ingredients here, I would say you can use this black bean sauce.