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  1. Methinks you will find that the only people who can remove ghosts are a buncha monks ( using a buncha YOUR money ) and a long ceremony, along with ample food and drink of course. My relative had some ghosts removed from his bar, a friend had ghosts removed from a house he bought. Also had a friend who bought two old teakwood houses, had them torn down, then built one larger house using the wood from the two houses. Big mistake!! NONE of the villagers would enter the house until it was "cleansed/purified" by a group of monks. It seems that ghosts from both houses could not reside there together with each other. By the way, the ceremony at the bar HAD to have the presence of the bar owners, as well as many workers and as many regular customers as possible.
  2. Not if you put each of their hind legs down your knee rubbers...( so I'm told )
  3. Yeh, but pee won't dissolve super glue.Tried it already ( on my fingers of course )
  4. Nah, I think I'd leave it in the Gf's p**sy also. The number of times I'm allowed to enter there per month, she might as well keep it glued shut. ( I'm also darned glad she doesn't read this forum. Otherwise there would be another incident of a Falang being stabbed, shot, choked, run over by his own truck, or thrown/falling from a high balcony )
  5. Police ( any country )..dignity.... hard to put those two words together in any sentence/paragraph without using the word...NO
  6. Um m, would there be a "proper" place to do yerself in?..just kidding.
  7. AHA! Now, this is much clearer and understandable than your first post.
  8. Right on! And this might be a good question to ask in the situation of many other illegal goodies entering the country...especially drugs.
  9. Quite agree. Ever been to China and/or Japan?
  10. Yeah RIGHT!! Bear Grylls a bit too exciting for me nowadays. maybe thirty five or so years ago. Naw, in the past twenty five years or so I have been in and out of more villages in Thailand than I can remember. And...when in Rome........
  11. Ooooo, that's enough to turn a stomach.
  12. Maybe watch it a bit there mate. Not all cheese is healthy. And the acrylamide and other chemicals in toast, especially burnt toast have been linked to a cause of cancer.
  13. Yep, know what you mean. However, I was never "fooled" by the various foods. I knew exactly ( well, almost ) what I was eating. On one occasion, the father of a good friend of mine in a small village some miles east of Nan had his small dog killed by a bunch of drunken yahoos driving a truck. He spent quite some time crying and holding his little mutt in his arms. That afternoon he skinned his dog and put the hide some place. He was going to do something with it, but I never did find out what. He then cooked his dog over an open fire. His son and I ( son's girlfriend would not touch it ) ate part of the dog to uh, umm, not sure why...to sympathize with the old man maybe?? Ate monkey brains in a small village north of Mae Hon Sung. It's a delicacy in that area, and not an everyday food. Take the monkey, slice the head off, one pass will do it. Quickly turn the head upside down before the blood and brains have a chance to spill out, pour in the whiskey...doesn't matter what type, let it marinate for some hours...and then enjoy. It takes a bit of doing to "enjoy".
  14. Don't feel bad. Duck and chicken feet contain many vitamins. (cooked of course ) Won't take the place of a good ole porterhouse steak though. IMHO of course.
  15. Well, speaking of strange diets, over the years here I have eaten bull penis salad, one time. It was an important function and "they" wanted to impress me. I have also eaten dog meat (black dog only ), cicadas, scorpions, silkworms, different types of roaches and on a few occasions, raw monkey brains soaked in whiskey, different types of snake meat, crickets and who knows how many types of insects that were put on my plate...or banana leaf. However, none of these are on the endangered list....I think...maybe the monkeys.