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  1. The first word (ปลดเกษียณ แล้ว ) is correct, everybody understands and Thai people know what retired means , they have retired people already, maybe your pronouciation is not correct
  2. Sorry, I am a novice in this sort of problem, how can connect another server ? During 4 months, it worked fine and suddenly, I had the message above ; what has happened between before and now ? thanks
  3. I too, but I think that with her big breast, running must be difficult, may be she is here only for the pictures more beautiful girls than last year
  4. Hello how would you translate in Thai ? " Smile is a wealth " ( I am not sure of the word " wealth" , it's for a Swiss girl who wants to have a tatoo, her original text in French is " le sourire est une richesse " ( in this context, what is the English word for " richesse " ) ? Thanks
  5. Congratulations for Dutch people; what is called "populist" have lost again, as they will lose in France and Germany yes , Le Pen is dangerous, I hate her, but for me first for economics reason and for her lies ; don't worry, she will lose ; French are attached to Europe and the Euro Vive l'Europe
  6. ok, better I do nothing, I am not somebody who knows what he does about networks , in fact it works fine , better I don't change anything , anyway, with nothing happens, don't know why
  7. Hello, how can you enter in the configuration of ZTE, I can't ?; it's said that it takes to long to do it is it possible that TOT, as said above by Richard.BKK , is reluctant to give access to the setup of the device and forbids it ? BTW, can I change the port forwardings here ? because I have a problem with a VPN Thanks
  8. Hello, for now 4 months I have a VPN ( activpn ) and this morning I can't open it anymore I have this message : " Connection reset by peer ( WSAECONNRESET) ( code=10054 )" and also " TLS Error ! TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds ( check your network connectivity ) " I don't know what has happened and I don't understand what to do I am with TOT fiber thanks if you can explain and give a solution
  9. Good ! Do you have the same for the TM47 form ? thanks
  10. Practice activity regularly is very good for the health ; the case of Gerard052 ( exceptional , I think ), makes me think ( here he is a cyclist , not a jogger, but cycling is also very good ) of Robert Marchand, 105 years old ( look at the video ) who has also all his head, he speaks very well , just a little bit deaf ( 22 kms 547 in one hour, world record ) ps : look on Youtube
  11. Good riddance, Britain, and don't come back when you are poor . EU does not want you and does not need you
  12. There are two solutions: in the morning at 6h30 or at 5 pm ( I did both, and for 5 pm I know a place with trees and because sun is already down a little bit , there is already some shadow ) ; don't run in the afternoon , it's difficult and body doesn't like ! as said above, running can be addictive ( dopamine, and other hormones , all good for the health )
  13. How can you be so sure ?; the last poll shows that only 22 % of French want to leave euro currency ; may be polls can make mistakes, but when a candidate has 30 % more than the second, I don't think there will be mistakes I think that for the second round every body ( left, right ) who has a brain will vote against Le Pen , it will be about 65 -35 % for Macron ( remember 2002, 82 % for Chirac ) "far left Stalinist dictatorship." where did you find a such bullshit ? left or far left are finished in France, only 10 % Le Pen will lose because she wants to leave Euro currency and EU and her economic program is upsetting . I read the French press everyday and I can tell you that you know nothing about France
  14. You are right to speak of problem of knees when running on concret ( I just didn't tell it, because the OP only spoke of jogging ) ; as for me, I am 67 , 66 kgs and I run 2-3 times a week 40 mn on ground and grass , I do also bicycle every day but jogging brings me more " ease " than the other sports, my brain is very well irrigate anyway, there is no age to do exercise, but it's better to begin at 10 and all life than at 60 years old when fat already: as told above, it is dangerous