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  1. Arguing? I answered the question. Yes I give them food. Other than that I don't give a toss.
  2. But what you give to the "poor people" the economist in me says you can't give to the "poorer people". And even when you give to the "absolute poorest people" it is still none of your business if they eat it or feed it to the chickens once you have handed it over.
  3. Totally different topic to the op.
  4. How do you define "poor people" without being patronising?
  5. Yes, and I do. But that is another story.
  6. Yes. Whether they eat it or feed it to the chickens is none of my business once I hand it over.
  7. After a week at the village I start hanging out for the stuff I normally never eat, like toast with vegemite.
  8. "Fat finger syndrome", or in my case "dirty glasses syndrome".
  9. Yes concrete and tile was our choice, with prefab stainless sink.
  10. Imagine hearing a flock of these things going off at dawn. Sounds like a cat getting it's throat cut. Not in Thailand, yet.
  11. A french letter is a letter from a French person. A condom is an apartment. A rubber is used to erase pencil mistakes. A balloon is blown up at partys. A cock-sock keeps your chickens warm during the Winter.
  12. Ok, so I take it plan A of fixing it insitue has failed. Plan B it is.
  13. I looked at driving out the hinge pin but these things look like they were made in ancient Egypt to lock the pyramids. Heavy duty. Yes the other option is to drill out the screws but there are 4 hinges with 8 screws in each hinge. This is the first door to rub but I am sure the others will follow in sympathy. If I must I will remove it and maybe easier to just lift it a few mm, but for now that is plan B.
  14. I have a bedroom door which has has started catching on the floor tiles when we open or close it. When I tried to dismount it at the hinges a few of the screws refused to budge and started rounding out. I guess it will be easy enough to dress the bottom of the door insitue but the only way I can figure how to do it would be to tuck a square of sandpaper under it and open and close the door to remove the excess timber. I can envisage the paper folding on itself with every swing and Sipi getting all flustered. Any suggestions?