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  1. Well its good they did something about it. But if the fine is more than 500 bht?
  2. The thing is as pathetic as it is i am not sure that the pm wont just say ok boys sorry for the troubles we will let you slide untill youre contract is up. Hardship as the reasoning.
  3. Thailand is really getting to be a not so good a place.
  4. Its just rediculouse. No one knows how much the actual price hike will be. They talk about it not effecting the drinker. Lies but still. No one pays 20 or 30 percent less for a known fake whiskey. Come on man this is just fake news to try to stop this from actually happening. In 6 months. Langkawi is no longer duty free. Well it is but its not. You can buy 5 litere per month per passport.duty free So where is this cheap stuff comming from then?
  5. They did and do enforce these things. Its really a nice program. I still would not eat a fish cought in thailand though.
  6. More like lets blame the koreans for our dead coral. Things like this while dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into phuket waters just blow my mind. Phuket needs to get black listed by tourists. Then everything will be ok.win win.
  7. There going for the max,you wait. Those subs cost money and they have figured out how to pay for them over the next 20 years. But they did not figure in the cost of lost tourism . That will take a few years to figure that out. But at least they can count on there people to cough up the money for sub maintenance. Things are bad here. I see it everywhere. I just had a robbery for first time here.phuket Immigration had 5 people at 9 am this morning. Took 15 minutes to get a extension. Several years back used to take all day. Writing is on the wall. People just arent here,like before.
  8. Got to pay for 2 subs so can get 1 free. So got to use the 44 to get every scrap.it all adds up. I bet the vat goes up too even though the experts say its not the right time,it will hurt the incredible economic re bound .
  9. These subs can be a tourist attraction like at disneyland. Buy 2 get 1 free. That right there says it all. Whats next? I know it will be about as lame as this. Thailands biggest threat is terrorism But no lets go buy subs and maybe those terrorists wont mess with us. Incompetent people turning thailand into disneyland..
  10. Its hard to believe the stuff thats news here. But in defence of the country there needs to be more police ,but i guess a dash cam will have to do. Hope cheap from china isnt the usual cheap stuff from china.
  11. The passport switch sounds likely but the 5 year old rape is obviously not what it sounds like. You dont get 50,000 bail in the usa for child rape. You go down hard. You go down for rape period. So its fishy story still. My bet is he is not all as bad as it sounds. She fell in love and they might be trying to get there shit together. Husbands pissed. You dont get out on 50,000 bail unless the judge has firm belief you are innocent. Why he jumped bail maybe its the family said go ,let us sort this out. You just dont know . He looks like a momys boy.
  12. I hope they ask for help to find out just what is going on,cause this is above thailands pay grade Ok so asians dont give a stink about there oceans but they sure love sea food. I cought a small mahi mahi a few years ago and after i ate it i was throwing up. I know it was the fish. I never fish and i dont eat sea food ever. I sail the coast from phuket to malaysia monthly and let me tell you its getting so bad.debris and its all plastics.rice bags are in the majority. The number of fishing boats i see must be in the thousands in the 120 mile stretch.always has been for 10 years. Contrary the western sumatra coast i see a few dozen in the 400 mile stretch i cruise. Thailand is raping every last fish in there back yard sea. Wake up its already way past youre time to do so.
  13. There is a trend here that shows the money is not there for the new subs Jet fuel tax National park fee Alchohal tax increase Possible vat increase And now lets check those parcels so we dont miss any craps. The writing is on the wall.
  14. Seems like things could go only a few different ways. We could all wake up to a nuclear nightmare. When japan had its melt down my friends took pills here in phuket to help with the fall out. I guess i should find out more about that. Jet stream and prevailing winds too. Feels like cuban misdile crisis but its in asia . Maybe thats why thailand wants subs.
  15. 380 million . And 100 million a year to maintain. If a motorbike costs 50,000 and a police man makes 600bht a day they could have all majore locations fully patroled and enforcing the road law for how many years? Im not going to do the math cause thailand sure is not. Think of how many lifes could be saved from road death every year. For 1 sub. I cant help but think petticoate junction . Thats how i see this sub . It was a us early 70s sitcom about a submarine based on nurses being transfered to war zones . A bit like gilligans island humor with ginger and marryann And a bit like hogans heroes. What a laugh.