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  1. It requires a substantial bag of money - as all of these 'actresses' have to undergo multiple plastic surgery in order to qualify. Some of them don't even look like people anymore - and can often be seen in the high-end shopping malls in central BKK. Check out the 'before and after' pics of these ladies and you will be amazed.
  2. 40k - she must regard herself as the lay of the century!
  3. There is no excuse for violence against children - what so ever. If nothing else works I would have no issues with retaliating and stating my point physically - only cowards and feminized western men would not protect their family.
  4. Any teacher that would approach my child this way would have done her/his last day in kindergarten - one way or another.
  5. This part doesn't really compute - does it? The part about her not wanting to spend money does however...
  6. You think? They will be waiting for her the day she gets released - and add some interest rate in the meantime
  7. If go out looking for trouble, trouble will come around - even in Jomtien. I guess there is a story to this - would be interesting to hear what one has to do to get stabbed in the back in peaceful Jomtien.
  8. Yes, 200k+ - and getting taxed less than in US or anywhere in EU. Could also mention the bonus program that usually gives 3-4 extra monthly salaries It might surprise you that honest work by educated and devoted individuals pays better than crime. Give it a try - you might like it.
  9. Depends on what line of business they are in and their seniority. I got Thai staff in my department doing above 200k. Min. salary for foreigners also depends on the profession apart from country of origin.
  10. There are many variables in this - like the landlord's individual position/financial situation, the popularity of the particular condo, what other requests you might for changes to the units etc etc. As someone already pointed out the advertised price is for a 1 year contract. It is possible to haggle on the basis that you want to sign a longer contract e.g. 1.5 or 2 years - and some landlords would go for that, some would not. In fact some landlords (and this goes for office space as well) would rather see their units stay empty for years than reduce the price even by one satang - not uncommon especially among Thai owners.
  11. “I don’t know how long the website has been like this or how long it will take to fix the problem,” Well, its been down for more than a month. Thanks for the timely information...
  12. Kinda of a cruel version of a "you're free to go" kinda thing. Extremely heartless.
  13. As stated, no issues with cancelling the WP even if you are not in possession of the document. Best in your case would be to clear your new extension of stay within the stipulated 7 days after cancellation - however this would require maximum cooperation from your new employer, and would save you a trip out of the country and the hassle of applying for a new non-B. Totally appreciate your situation - best of luck.
  14. Either you are trying to wind us all up - or you have a serious lack of common sense.
  15. You learn to read first and write after. As for the national team, there is a thing called Google - you should try it, your lack of knowledge might improve.