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  1. Well done Mum for stopping the mentally deranged daughter from having access to firearms, whoops! Lucky she wasn't the first victim.
  2. If he had been properly restrained in his car safety seat, this problem could have been averted, but he would still have been at risk from kidnap or car theft if car left with keys in and engine running. Thais claim to love their kids but don't take basic precautions to protect them in cars or motorbikes with safety seats or helmets. Not due to poverty, but an active choice to spend the money on something else, even rich people let their kids stand up between the seats.
  3. Easy for fluent English readers to spot, not so easy for Thais or other customers for whom English is not their first language. They deserve protection as much as others from the bad effects of low-quality fake products.
  4. Still the same fundamentalist comments on here, "repair them or terminate them in the womb". Whatever their sexuality and sexual preferences, they are still people who are all someone's children and generally loved by their families and partners, unless they too hold these old fashioned fear reactions. There is nothing to repair or terminate except prejudices from people who are neither disadvantaged nor affected by people who prefer same-sex partners. Thailand has a long tradition of acceptance and protection of different sexual preferences, viz katoeys/ladyboys/gender reassignment surgery, only tradition standing in the way of same-sex marriage, that will change. I am a happily married heterosexual man with two young boys whom I will continue to love and cherish whatever consensual relationships they decide to enter in the future.
  5. If there is the slightest evidence to show a case to answer then he should be suspended to prevent further offences or interference with witnesses. But here where people in authority are shown excessive respect, this does not yet happen.
  6. This is a case where public will and the laws of supply and demand will conquer. Same as supermarket chains which are resisted whenever they seek to expand, killing local businesses etc, offering internet shopping. If people want it and it provides a better than existing service it will operate, legally or illegally. Only resisted in Thailand because no one has found a way to start the flow of brown envelopes from Uber or its drivers, and the mafia are whingeing about the competition. Anything better than the taxi/songthaew/yuk tuk racket we have in CM and I am sure in Pattaya/Phuket as well. Traditional drivers need to wise up and jump on the Grab/Uber bandwagon, the world has changed!
  7. I would expect most taxi drivers, except in mafia-controlled areas, to be as happy and make as much money working for Uber as they do at the moment. Why not just issue licences to Uber drivers, after appropriate checks? Having compared photos on the licences with many Bangkok taxi drivers, I suspect many are unlicensed anyway, so the situation won't be any worse. Uber appear to be winning in safety and service so difficult to see people stopping using them.
  8. Condolences to the victims' families. I used to walk by there every day when I worked in London, and I've had my fair share of guarding public buildings, especially during the IRA days. It could have been any of us who didn't get to go home today.
  9. I can't believe the reliance on cash in Thailand, and having to go to banks to draw out wads of cash that is then (mostly) deposited straight back in again. Cars, land, houses, all paid for in cash. Maybe fear of taxation or awkward questions about the source of the money is the reason.
  10. I am sure the Revenue. department will be examining the accounts of the trader to ensure he is paying all his tax!
  11. Another example in this case and the comments about the hierarchy of importance in Thailand. Pedestrians and the disabled are least important followed by cyclists, motorcyclists, cars then trucks and buses in size order, bigger is better. Money is spent on roads not pavements, as only poor pedestrians use them, not hi so drivers, unless they are mowing said pedestrians down. Safety is not important as it costs money. I am the only person at my son's school to strap him in a seat belt with a booster, and before that, a child safety seat. But the other parents all have nice new cars where they let the kids stand between the seats. Rant over until next time.
  12. Extension leads plugged into extension leads plugged into extension leads?
  13. Why is this defamation of Ford acceptable but not naming and shaming of the car park where the barriers failed and the ladies crashed and fell, the hospitals which don't treat patients properly and the schools/teachers where kids are tied up and blindfolded?
  14. The Hells Angels and similar biker gangs worldwide are criminal enterprises only loosely connected to motorcycling as a leisure activity. They are more into mafia type activities such as drugs, protection, running prostitution and money laundering. These activities need turf, territory over which they have influence, like other gangs. i would not be surprised if this was a dispute or takeover attempt for some Thai territory, as a source and market for drugs. Expect the AFP to be consulted on this one.
  15. It is no surprise that he is starting by aiming at the easy targets, the streetwalkers, as they are likely to be the most high-profile, least regulated and protected end, easy to catch and not necessarily contributing to the taxing/protection regime that provides income to the police. Any serious attempt to regulate this lucrative trade would aim firstly at the businesses that flourish in Walking Street and elsewhere throughout Pattaya. I can't see the local politicians and businessmen putting up with that interruption to their income. After all, none of them have the brains to divert the tourists towards the so-called "natural wonders" claimed by the police chief. This will just be another five-minute wonder and the show will go on.