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  1. yaris does the job. at least i can get the dog in the back.
  2. i've travelled quite widely, over 50 countries, and i can say i have never felt hated anywhere. indeed the one over riding memory of my 2.5 years spent travelling round the world was that wherever i was if i had a problem someone always helped me. having said that i was in morocco during the first gulf war and encountered some animosity, and china can at times be challenging. if you are encountering hate anywhere the first place i suggest you look for the cause is yourself.
  3. i did some busking in my teens while travelling round europe. i dont think i'd be comfortable busking in a country that is poorer and has less opportunities for work than my own. and once i'd left my teenage years behind i thankfully didnt need to busk to earn a living... these guys often have a sign asking people to 'support their travelling', maybe i'm old fashioned but i have always supported my own travelling by getting a job, working hard and earning money.
  4. 6 bhat each sounds very cheap 6 photos for 120 baht here, same price for everyone.
  5. 40 hours a week on the phone, week after week? living the dream.
  6. return and pay his debt to society? which, by the way, if he had done in the first place and not scurried off to avoid taking responsibility for his actions he would now be a free man living comfortably in his home land.
  7. i was upgraded to business on emirates, i think it's because i was a member i'm a member of qatar and etihad and around 60% - 70&% of the time i find i have an empty seat next to me. i never ask so maybe i'm lucky or else membership does have unforeseen benefits
  8. Certifications in TESOL, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, TEFL or equivalent are a plus. a plus?! how about mandatory? so you will potentially have unqualified and inexperienced 'teachers' working for you? sounds like an unprofessional outfit. avoid. i would never learn a language from an inexperienced unqualified teacher, would you?!
  9. haha, the only unbelievable thing is that they bothered to check 50% of the time.
  10. a few options; - check mobile phone for location - has his ATM card been used? - hotels, GHs, etc have to report daily to the authorities who is staying there, so they should be able to track and find him using this information.
  11. some more photos from new world mall taken a few years ago. it used to be easy to visit this place and take photos but after some photos were published in the uk daily mail too many people started turning up, the locals got fed up and blocked off access. a pity.
  12. why so loud and why so nationalistic a question more relevant to the USA than thailand. at least it's only some loud music and ignorant comments here. my thai friends are middle class professionals, educated, well travelled and worldy wise, certainly not loud or nationalistic.
  13. 22 years old in pattaya, how sad. at that age i having serious fun and having the most amazing experiences, i certainly didn't need to pay prostitutes to get sex; english, french, mexican and pakistani girls come to mind, not to mention those i've forgotten about... there is so much more to life than pattaya.
  14. haven't been drunk for over 25 years. enjoy a glass of wine with a good meal a couple of times a year. it's a particularly pathetic sight seeing middle aged, and older, people drunk.
  15. peaky blinders is lined up and ready for viewing waiting for the predictable calls from lonely, bored ex's wanting company for the holiday. sorted.