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  1. That and the government needs money for subs for their egos. Yeah gosh that is like totally like common knowledge. Like everyone believes that. Yeah the courts, the courts. That's the ticket. It was done all nice and legal like.
  2. If freedom of choice is ever re-established and Army participation in politics is made illegal, reconciliation will happen naturally.
  3. If such superstitions are necessary, perhaps the monks and fortunetellers should ask parishioners and clients to plant trees instead.
  4. Thai rak Thai, nonexistent True representative government, will probably never happen again
  5. It is interesting how nothing is a big deal at the RTP boys club. Assault clergy while intoxicated. Tremendous pillars of society they are .
  6. They are above the law, at least that is what history tells us. Also, unless the RTP start getting a cut of the revenue, nothing will change.
  7. Thought the present government was only morally bankrupt. Oh well glad to spend less and less time there.
  8. Disappearing is easy if nobody is looking for you. Sounds like the case went cold due to a lack of interest in police work.
  9. Effectively swept under the carpet. No, first protect and serve the public then mete out justice. But since the RTP does neither there will not be much in the way of love in the near future. Policemen are to be feared and avoided.
  10. For the sake of public record, they should state what was owed and why. Interesting how the junta is being careful about this. Not their usual way of handling things. Wonder what they are afraid of .
  11. Maybe teach them how to fix the infrastructure like traffic lights, fans on the buses or pot holes in the road.
  12. Not an expert on agriculture, but would think a broader plan would be necessary. When first usurping power, the PM rushed to talk to farmers about their shallot crop. Agriculture and its planning in Thailand has always been mystifying .
  13. He should be doing time. It is completely unbelievable that he is not awaiting trial, but alas been told poaching carries only carries a B20k fine. Should anyone have information to the contrary, please post it. Heard a story of two Vietnamese poachers who got into a fire fight with Thai forest rangers. The poachers were killed. Was told they would only faced a B20k fine and of course the working illegally Thailand thing. Instead, they chose to fight.
  14. He traded a leaf for the collar. The dog is a business whiz.