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  1. Yeah, they should government so the Thai poeple can evaluate their contributions. The sooner the leave the better.
  2. Thai rak Thai ? Easier to blame those who are not in the room to defend themselves.
  3. If you would like to be a journalist, you best write what the government likes. Licensing journalists has got to be the stupidest thing ever thought of.
  4. What is troubling is that no notable global warming celebrities have involved themselves in this discussion. Where are Al Gore or Barack Obama ? Only Green Peace has voiced an opinion. Maybe the notables of global warming do not want to mess up their vacation plans, but then a spewing coal fired electric generation plant could do just that.
  5. The people at TAT need to get out of Thailand more to see how other countries manage their parks, museums, and other public areas. Khaosan offers a couple of bicycling tours. More of such things may be worth pondering. It seems uncharacteristically safe.
  6. That face should be next to the word "smug" in the dictionary. As this is an unelected government that answers no nobody, this sadly will effect very little.
  7. Perhaps the junta should adopt the former Abbott's strategy by doing things quietly. Time is on the former Abbott's side. The junta looks more foolish with every day.
  8. Wrong! He is. It is in writing. The police had their lunch money stolen. That is why it is such a mess now. It should have been resolved properly with quietly staking out the property and far less press conferences
  9. Hope Duterte is going to discuss democracy and trade instead of brutality.
  10. It gets more pathetic by the day.
  11. Democracies are racy, loud, perplexing, heartbreaking and are still the most fair way to govern. They only remain stable without the interference of unelected or appointed bureaucracies.
  12. A large part of smart cities development require wireless networks, which most of are illegal in Thailand. Don't believe Thailand adheres to any plans of the ITU, a UN organization. Without wireless, you need to run a lot of cables.
  13. This fragile person, the self installed Prime Minister of Thailand, never talks in specifics as to what contributions his government is making. How about the coal fired power plant in Krabi ? You get VERY little sympathy from toppling an elected government, and then whine about how badly you are being treated.
  14. Care to explain how are these minor nuisances ruining Thailand ? They unbutton the shirts too low ? They have been around for decades. Why now are they a problem ?
  15. The county will not heal until the junta is a memory. They usurped power. They have made no substantive contributions to the country. They have sided with the rich powerful and have left the average Thai without a voice.