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  1. It can be challenged in court when ownership changes hands.........Greed above all else runs this country, not rule of law.............
  2. They will serve five or so years, then the magical 'Pardon season" arrives, but this does show the inconsistancies in sentencing by the Thai Courts - how many get off with murder or sentenced to 6 - 7 years, or not at all because of their age (19 yo girl in vehicular homicide) or the all famous "I was drunk defense" Boggles the mind.
  3. This is the 2d reference to him being from UK, did I miss something?? Can't find a reference anywhere he is from UK, so how about it Lars, from UK or Northern Europe??
  4. You are correct, Visa on Arrival but first time she has been required to have a return ticket........not a problem, just curious.
  5. Disagree - my wife is from Vietnam, she came to meet here in Bangkok me two days ago - they made her buy a return ticket in Ho Chi Minh airport or she couldn't board - first time this has ever happened, she has met me here a dozen times in last 5 years, never needed a return ticket before Saturday. She has never failed to return on time, never overstayed........maybe just a new rule for Asean travellers??
  6. Lived there three years, no sane foreigner drives in Jakarta, you hire a driver because you have to fight for every inch, and miraculously, they never have accidents.
  7. Used to live in Florida, 'The Stand Your Ground State', you knock on someone's door down there and you might get lead poisoning..........
  8. Two bullets in the chest would solve that problem..........
  9. Thailand should take a page from their book, but Nigerians on Sukhumvit only work at night when they cops are sleeping.............no wonder they hardly ever get caught.
  10. deleted after reading further threads.........
  11. ....Keys inside for the next trip?? I'd hide the keys for awhile and watch the antics...........
  12. You ever thought of putting a spring on it to auto-shut after opening?? Worked for me
  13. Why not name him?? They print names of criminals all the time, he doesn't look like a minor to me.
  14. When I made my decision not to live in the USA, I chose hawaii as the closest I wanted to get to the mainland - I have a house on Oahu that has been rented out to the US Navy for almost 10 years, have no desire actually live in it, just an investment that has paid off.............
  15. He's got Snooker mixed up with 8 Ball in any Nana Bar with a pool table - played after a half dozen beers, under rules not known anywhere on the planet 'cept Thailand.