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  1. Yawn....... Too quick and too tough so the chain has been jerked........
  2. Good news about the saleng.
  3. Students will be handing out free helmets......Made in hobby class from papier mache?
  4. It's the residue formed when large quantities of fat brown envelopes are defecated.
  5. Mmm, so if the driver stays just under 120kph indicated all the way he cannot be reported in the app unless exceeding the national speed limit of 90kph counts as 'Other'? Forget it. Next?
  6. Because 'Rath' should have been spelled 'Wrath'......
  7. Oh, I need new specs. I thought it read 'Small Innit?'
  8. Fifteen buses worth only about 1 million ThB each? A decent new car in LOS costs more than that so these must be unsupportable Chinese made vehicles. My money is on Somchai going to the auction to bid for the millions of baht in cash found amongst the assets.
  9. Another fatality that wont be counted as RTA victim?
  10. Disgusting! Thank goodness this sort of thing could never happen here.........
  11. .........although admitted of divorcing her two years ago. No-one else knew that he had divorced her? Even the Tessaban where they would have to have filed and registered the divorce?
  12. So that's what happens when they try to turn on the meter, No wonder they always refuse.....
  13. Kathrin? A Look Khreung I think so had some advantage over your basic Thai student but well done anyway.
  14. New Pattaya mayor vows to make the resort a "better place" So did Michael Jackson............