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  1. Lets get off this truck/Lorry bantering and settle it once and for all.... and get back to this thread topic. OK children???? Now which of the following do you think more people in this world would comprehend???? ^ Keep on "Lorryin" * Keep on "Truckin" nuff said
  2. ...its been changed..... Days Without Accident...to... Hours Without Accident
  3. As Chon Buri has no forum I'll put this here for all to seel Article in todays English lang paper Contractor doing work on a bridge over a canal takes out old bridge.... shuts down for the day..... post no warning signs, barricades, or any notice that the bridge is out.... goes home and in a period of 10 minutes 3 vehicles drive over into the canal. ..... and yet he knows how to walk and talk.....maybe
  4. "U.S. income taxes are due on April 15th, " Nancy... luv u bunches, butt shutt u mouf !!!!
  5. No one has any info on how the child is faring ?????
  6. All interesting , of course, but again.....any news about the child???
  7. Does anyone have any updated information on the status of the child in the pram, hit by the motorcycle last week???
  8. Without all the other hub-bub , anyone know of the status of the little 3 year old who was hit in the pram last week???
  9. apparently, ..... but only if the suspect is not wearing a hemet
  10. .....Another story on which any follow up is just forgotten
  11. Maybe, just maybe, the hospital was trying to get information out to the public quickly in trying to assist with information to apprehend then suspect mentioned. Common sense would say using the media is much quicker than printing flyers and distributing door to door.
  12. Another thing I have seen no mention of...... what about the condos and condo owners, that do short time rental, even as little as nightly.....do they need a hotel license???
  13. In definitely have lived past my 'use by date'...... I was under the mental fugue that today was the 17th........ time for the guys with the white coats thanks for that M..Bo..Bo
  14. PS If you use US money....... don't show off the green
  15. To all those whose list of important things to complain is jussssst too large to remember certain days........ HAPPY ST. PATRICkS DAY