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  1. Help! Bookman! Your movies and tv shows thread is turning into a gay chat line. There is a gay forum for those who wish to compare men. Please post there, thank you.
  2. Two years ago Prime Minister Prayuth said this:- Speaking at a military academy in Bangkok, Prayuth defended the measures introduced to replace martial law, saying they had been misunderstood by foreign media. He went on to issue a stern warning to critics of the armed forces or the state. "If anyone says anything that causes damage to the Royal Thai Army or to the country I will not stand for it," Prayuth said. "I am not scared." Just so you all know. If I was posting from Thailand I'd be careful what I posted you just don't know whose reading especially now Thaivisa is with the Nation newspaper. Imagine if in a week your opinion is posted in the Nation and some Patriotic type takes offence.
  3. Found this article whilst surfing the web. Nine people have been arrested since the raid and seizure of arms in Pathum Thani. One of these people claimed Charupong knew about the weapons.Theerachai Uttarawichien, one of the nine suspects, told a media briefing at the CSD that he believed there was a link between the seized weapons and Mr Charupong. Now to quote:- http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/huge-haul-illegal-timber-found-resort-charupong-ruangsuwans-son/ About 300 golden teak planks were found buried about three metres under ground. More diggings are to be carried out to search for war weapons thought to be hidden in the resort. Dr Charuwong was not at the resort and was believed to have escaped overseas while Mr Charupong is also living in exile abroad. This article is dated :- August 09, 2014 So the former interior minister Charupong Ruangsuwan is also under suspicion of storing weapons so it is understandable why he is linked to Ko Tee and maybe even to Thaksin.
  4. An event for 1 million baht? What was she doing to get paid that much? I remember going to an event with my wife. A big fancy business do at a hotel and they had a couple of soap opera stars presenting the show. I met one of them by accident in the toilet. I was a bit of a cheeky beggar back then and after a hello and how are you and what do you do, I asked him how much he got for doing the show. He told me he got 50,000 baht for the day. So why does Benz Racings wife get 1 million baht? What type if show was she doing? Ping-pong?
  5. I bought some gold marlboro lights original at Poipet and I coughed my guts up for 2 weeks trying to smoke them. Must have been fake.
  6. Here's an interesting photo from the UK. Very helpful if I were going to buy whisky in Cambodia today.
  7. I see Fabrinet is expanding and opening a new facility in Chonburi. Great news for the orphans as there are more job opportunities coming up!