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  1. Title edited as per OP request
  2. Not related to Thailand in general or Chiang Mai in particular //CLOSED//
  3. I can also confirm TOA is a good paint that does not fade crack or peel much over quite a few years. Regards touching up later you can always get the same paint mixed later, we originally painted the house ten years ago with TOA E711 birdseed and have had many many tins mixed since then. Take a note of the paint name and number and store it in a book somewhere, when you get it mixed later get them to print two labels one for the tin and one to keep in a book somewhere. When you get it mixed later on for touch up make sure the base they use for the mix is the same, TOA use base A B and C the A base gives a more white finish, the B base is neutral and the C base is a bit darker
  4. An off topic post and a reply attempting to hijack the topic has been removed. Please start your own topic thank you I will also move this topic to the DIY forum
  5. I have one of those furry dash covers, stops reflection nicely. I have a dual dashcam type that looks forward also backwards, I can also swivel the cameras to look sideways but still no reflection in any position
  6. Off topic posts and replies have been removed, topic is about: Pattaya police learning English A personal attack and reply has also been removed
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  12. Multiple off topic posts talking about Ireland, UK, Spain and child benefits have been removed. Want to talk about that stuff please do it in the home forum this is the Pattaya forum and the topic is: Calling it a day on Pattaya....
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