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  1. Shall we toss a coin then. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-J700F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  2. read the title and thought you'd met my missis!
  3. Had this conversation with my wife recently. Like a desert island discs thing. I went with A Kind of Blue ..Miles Davis. Perfect. The missis went with Dr John. Sent from my SM-J700F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  4. Quite violently as well. Didnt he say he was retiring from politics? Sent from my SM-J700F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  5. Funny you should say that. I picked up the "you know what I mean like" from working in Kirkby.
  6. I d this myself. sort of a the problem is , my kid has started doing it. i wish i didnt but i cant stop....know what i mean like. Theres a lad I work with who was schooled in the uK. sounds very posh but he does the same. Its a bit like some people say errrr or uh huh in mid sentence.
  7. I spent a year in Saudi, long time ago. There was an english guy who bought full arab regalia and sat smoking a shisha pipe in the community lounge area on the camp I stayed at. Said he dressed the same in the UK as well. strange guy, but it takes all sorts, right?
  8. Does he have friends who dress as a cowboy, red indian, guy in leather, construction worker, sailor etc. Maybe its a tribute band!
  9. Im a little quiet at work so Ive just read all 4 pages and, right now, I would proper kill anyone for a meat n tater pie, the sort you get from the chippy, all mush inside. With brown sauce!!
  10. Hayes has a bit of a mouth on him.
  11. "In its ruling, made secretly on Feb. 23, the Koh Samui court said evidence presented by the state in the original trial was adequate and reliable" NOT adequate and NOT reliable.
  12. The vet gave us some nutri gel. Said she wasnt infected but she needs to ingest food for the anti biotics she needs after the op. Anyway, I had to force feed her the gel which she hated but then she started on her normal food. This morning she was a bit more like her old self. We are delighted. Thanks for concern and advice.
  13. Of course.Damn, now i feel stupid.